Alóki Reveals the Development of a Metaverse Tied to 750 Acres of Jungle in Costa Rica

Our planet’s environment is starting to recoil from the actions of humankind, responding with more frequent natural disasters of greater magnitude, weather extremes, and other phenomena that are proving to be disastrous for millions. Creating a sustainable environment is the goal of the Alóki project – making the world a more meaningful and beautiful place through the help of the blockchain.

Alóki means to advance such an endeavor on the grounds of the Alóki Sanctuary – a 750-acre paradise nestled in the heart of Costa Rica – one of the leading countries in terms of sustainability. With 27% of its landscape being protected in reserves and national parks, and deriving 98% of energy from renewable sources, Costa Rica is on the way to becoming fully carbon-neutral – the ideal setting for the Play-to-Own metaverse. For this purpose, Maurycy Krzastek, Digital Producer, DJ, and Eco farmer, and Bartek Lechowski, former executive at IKEA, discovered the plot of Costarican land and bought it for over $30 million.

Interface of the Alóki NFT Game

By aiming to reconnect people to nature, Alóki offers its users the chance to actually participate in sustainable development through a blockchain-based game in which digital actions mirror those in the real world via NFT ownership. Planting a tree in the Alóki metaverse can result in a real tree being planted in the Alóki Sanctuary of Costa Rica – a perfect example of converting digital actions into real-world benefits.

Alóki users will be able to immerse themselves in a jungle Sanctuary 3D-scanned into a Metaverse land with an authentic community village hosting houses, coworking areas, and social acting as both retreats and work environments. The innovative Play-to-Own model of the project allows players to eventually own and visit the plots of land they sponsor in Alóki – all as NFT-based assets.

“Our world needs blockchain as a basis for sustainable development in terms of energy, conservation and the reconnection with nature. We aim to allow our users to touch the beauty of Costa Rica in digital format and contribute to its flourishing,” states CEO and Co-founder of Alóki Bartek Lechowski.

A 350-acres plot of land in Costa Rica where Alóki is building the sustainable ecosystem

Bartek Lechowski who previously served as CMO and Board Member at IKEA is currently undertaking the marketing of Alóki alongside Benjamin Saxe – the world’s best sustainable architect, and Martyna Lipińska, a former gamedev of such titles as Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, who will be heading the game design department at Alóki.

Alóki aims to foster a community that transcends the boundaries of the real and digital worlds to help preserve nature. With plans to launch liquidity pools and staking in Q4 along with early bird an investor token sale and an NFT marketplace, before progressing to minigame and land gameplay launches through Q1-Q3 of 2023, Alóki is determined to fast-track blockchain use case scenarios for the ultimate benefit of Mother Nature.

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