BNB Chain developers introduce whitepaper for new Web3 storage network

  • BNB Chain introduced Greenfield, a new storage-based Web3 network that aims to allow users to have control over their data.
  • The BNB Chain team said it is working with Amazon Web Services, NodeReal, and Blockdaemon, on a testnet for Greenfield.

The core development team at BNB Chain released a whitepaper for BNB Greenfield, a blockchain-based Web3 platform that provides smart contract-integrated data storage.

With BNB as its native token, users will be able to store data on a distributed network and access or monetize it through smart contracts on the BNB Smart Chain, according to the whitepaper.

“BNB Chain is creating a new theme for the ownership and utility of data with BNB Greenfield,” said Victor Genin, senior solution architect at BNB Chain. “BNB Greenfield will build utility and monetization opportunities for data that is in storage as well as bring programmability to the ownership of data.”

Greenfield is the third blockchain network in the BNB ecosystem after BNB Beacon Chain, which focuses on BNB governance and security, and BNB Smart Chain, which is for smart contract development. 

Such a network would cater to Web3 apps particularly around social media. However, the network will still rely on centralized cloud providers like AWS for data and computational needs.

The BNB Chain team said it is currently collaborating with three contributors that include AWS, NodeReal and Blockdaemon, to launch a Greenfield testnet in the coming months.

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