Cardano Community Hits Back At Their Opponents! This is How ADA Price Could Stand Up!

While the rest of the crypto market has been moving green with significant profits, Cardano’s price remained dead with nil volatility over the past two months. Post the launch of its Alonzo Hard Fork smart contract upgrade, the ecosystem has endured serious criticism over low transaction speed, concurrency problems, and outdated user experience. In retaliation, the platform has come up with an exciting upgrade hitting back at their rivals.

Cardano Enables New Certification Levels For Smart Contracts.

After receiving heavy backlash from holders and their opponents. On 25th October 2021, the ecosystem has announced the introduction of new certification levels for smart contracts on Cardano. The launch will enable assurance while developing new DApps with smart contracts. 

Further, the launch will certify whether the source code is of standard quality and that the contract mechanism is safe that performs as it has been programmed.

There are three distinct levels of certification to track the security and quality of the new contracts. Level one includes Automated tooling, it hunts for various types of technical glitches related to concurrency, cost, and accessibility while certifying firm assurance. 

The level two-phase facilitates a comprehensive manual verification and audit of smart contracts within decentralized applications. The phase entertains more manual effort that tests a dApp in its whole even if it is written in different languages. The final phase ensures whether the built smart contract is performing as per the set algorithm. 

Cardano Price To Reclaim $3!

Cardano (ADA) price has been trading at $2.14 with a resurgence in trading volume by 5.66% in 24 hours. Crypto General, a popular crypto investor pointing out a bullish pennant pattern, predicts altcoin to hit $3. He expects the price to close around $2.135 price levels to confirm the bullish momentum. However, the chart further highlighted that the altcoin is holding its position safe above 200EMA. And breakout from here could uplift the price to $3 with a quick correction around $2.4. 

Certainly, the ecosystem has met with serious backslash along with vehement optimism. Proponents in the space believe that the ecosystem is here to bring a revolution in crypto technology and hence Cardano’s price has strong potential to boom towards new milestones.  

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