Cardano-oriented GameFi Startup Joins Microsoft’s Web3 Program

Paima Studios, a Cardano and Milkomeda-focused GameFi project, will take part in a new Web3 initiative from Microsoft, it has been revealed. In particular, the studio will join the tech giant’s startup program to help Japanese game developers and Web3 entrepreneurs deploy the Paima Engine in their applications.

Blockchain gaming

Paima Engine is the studio’s key development, the engine on which it builds its games. In addition to being a blockchain gaming engine, its competitive advantage over other rare representatives of the sphere is the ability to create blockchain games as complete Layer 2 solutions.

That is, by relying on the Paima Engine, game developers can create games in any programming language while avoiding the complexities of blockchain integration. The result is games built as open and trustless blockchain protocols that leverage advanced scalability technologies.

The achievement was enthusiastically welcomed by the studio’s co-founder and CTO, Sebastien Guillemot, who stated that Japan is probably one of the strongest countries in the field of game development. Microsoft Startups’ representative Yuhong Chen responded by welcoming the new entrant to the program. Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, also expressed his support for Paima Studios’ recent achievement.

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