Decentraland is hosting the first Metaverse Architecture and Design Biennale

  • Decentraland has partnered with Metancy and to hold the first Metaverse Architecture and Design Biennale.
  • The event begins on January 6 and features a design competition for creators.

Decentraland is uniting global creators in the Metaverse Architecture and Design Biennale, “Presence of the future,” on January 6. To organize the biennale, Decentraland partnered with Metancy and

The event attendees include renowned architects and designers, who curate the exhibition, but the biennale is open and free to visit for everyone. Other attendants include opinion leaders, who lead lectures and discussions, and the event’s partners, who are open to meeting with creators and collaborating.

The Metaverse Architecture and Design Biennale takes place in two metaverses simultaneously: Decentraland and Arhead, and features the following:

  • large exhibition space on both metaverse platforms;
  • architectural competition;
  • more than 20 pavilions hosted by global creators;
  • exhibitions by renowned architects and designers;
  • lectures and public discussions;
  • many people to meet during the event.

The expected headliners in the architectural event include Zaha Hadid Architects, Dewan architects and engineers, PLP Architects, BIG, Crosby Studios, ATRIUM, SpacesDAO, and others. 

The title “Presence of the future” was inspired by the first Venice Architecture Biennale, one of the most significant events to celebrate architecture and design, “Presence of the past,” which took place in 1980.

““Presence of the future” aims to recall the power of architecture to reinvent the modernity and formulate the new quality of life in the immersive virtual space. In the moment when we are witnessing the creation of a new game-changer in the way we communicate, entertain and collaborate we challenge the architects and designers to envision our future in the built form and take the responsibility for it,”

the event’s organizers wrote.

The event holds an open call for participants. Creators can submit three visualizations of the 3D-modeled architectural object reflecting the biennale’s theme, “Presence of the Future,” with a 200-500 word description. The jury will select the best idea for realization and grant the creator $60,000.

Decentraland has been an active host of art-related events in the metaverse. Last August, the metaverse platform held the third annual Metaverse Art Week 2022, and last month, Decentraland announced hosting its third Metaverse Fashion Week in March 2023.

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