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DeFiChain adds Johnson & Johnson, DAX ETF, Adidas, and Goldman Sachs dTokens

  • DeFiChain has added four new decentralized tokens (dTokens) 
  • The newly added dTokens give users exposure to their favorite stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • For the first time users can mint and trade dTokens based on a German ETF on DeFiChain.

DeFiChain, the world’s leading blockchain built on the Bitcoin network, has added four new decentralized tokens (dTokens). The newly added dTokens are based on the Johnson & Johnson stock, the Global X DAX Germany ETF, the Adidas stock, and Goldman Sachs stock.

Besides having extra dTokens to trade, DeFiChain users will also be able to trade a dToken that is based on a German Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) – the Global X DAX Germany ETF – for the first time. The DAX ETF.

DeFiChain is the only blockchain project that currently offers decentralized assets on the Bitcoin network and it is dedicated to bringing decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and services to everyone. It is continuously expanding the dToken space with dTokens based on different assets including stocks and ETFs as seen with the newly added tokens.

Newly added dToken on DeFiChain

The newly added dToken shall be denoted as follows:

  • $dJNJ – based on the Johnson & Johnson stock
  • $dDAX – based on the Global X DAX Germany ETF
  • $dADDYY – based on the Adidas AG – ADR stock
  • $dGS – based on the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. stock

The four new dTokens shall give DeFiChain users price exposure to the underlying stocks and ETFs without any restrictions. The dTokens will however not give the users ownership, voting rights, dividends, or other benefits available to stockholders since they are not “securities” issued by a company or a large institution.

Unveiling the four new decentralized tokens, Benjamin Rauch, VP of Marketing DeFiChain Accelerator said:

“The more assets available on DeFiChain, the easier it is to take control of your investments in a decentralized way. Without any involvement of central instances.”

Besides minting the dTokens, users will also be able to buy dTokens on the DeFiChain DEX.

Besides the newly added dTokens, DeFiChain already offers dTokens corresponding to S&P 500, Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA), Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Meta, GameStop, Alibaba, Nasdaq 100, Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft among many other stocks and ETFs.

The dTokens can either be held as an investment, used for liquidity mining on the DeFiChain DEX, or traded on the DEX.

DeFiChain users mint dTokens by depositing USDC, BTC, dUSD, and DFI as collateral in the DeFiChain vault.

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