Delegated 1-click staking goes live in Theta Web Wallet

With the new feature of live 1-click staking in the Theta (THETA/USD) Web Wallet, users can delegate their coins to stake to Guardian Nodes run by the community, which have been volunteered for use, Theta Labs wrote. About a dozen Theta community members have volunteered to whitelist their nodes in the Theta Web Wallet, making it easier to earn staking rewards (TFUEL rewards) than ever. Theta wants to achieve a staking rate of over 60% thanks to the new development.

Staking added to Chrome extension and Theta mobile wallet soon

At the moment, 1-click staking is available in the Theta Web Wallet. Theta will add it to its mobile wallet and Chrome extension soon. The company reports that the current staking process and the new one are virtually identical. Users must log in to their Theta Web Wallet. Then, they navigate to ‘Deposit Stake’ in the Stakes section. The most recent addition to the Theta Wallet page is ‘Delegated Guardian Node’. When you click on it, you’ll be redirected to a list of the volunteers who provided their nodes to stake to. Choose one of them, then press Continue. You’ll be prompted to enter the number of THETA you want to stake. Finally, press Deposit Stake.

Minimum stake is 1,000 THETA tokens

Users must stake at least 1,000 tokens to be eligible for a reward. The staking rewards are the same as if they were to use their own node. People staking fewer than 50,000 tokens sometimes have to wait weeks to earn a TFUEL staking reward because these rewards are based on probability and earned randomly due to that. The company provides additional information on staking and procedures for stake withdrawal in the Theta Documentation for Guardian Nodes and Staking as well as a guide on TFUEL staking.

Staking is risk-free

Tokens are never at risk because they can’t go anywhere else except back to the staker’s wallet, even if a node is compromised, fails, or experiences another issue. The holder is the only one ever controlling their staked THETA tokens.   

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