Dexlabs launches minting platform on Solana, no coding experience needed

Dexlabs has launched the first minting and management platform in history that requires no prior coding experience. It’s called ‘MintingLab’, runs on the Solana (SOL/USD) platform, and is intuitive and simple in its design. Anyone can mint, issue, and publicize tokens using the DEX Launchpad.

At the forefront of a revolution in finance

Over the last year, the DeFi market has reached $60 million, up from $3.7 billion in total locked value. Dexlabs is at the forefront of these developments. At present, the integrated DEX platform makes it possible for Solana-based projects to access a wide variety of tools to maximize their managers’ DeFi experience.

New platform is equipped with Editor Suite, SPL Wallets, and other features

MintingLab boasts a range of features such as a Deposit Management System that allows users to keep a tab on all their assets, the Editor Suite allowing users to edit high volumes of data related to their freshly minted tokens, and SPL Wallets. Those are where you ultimately send your new tokens.

DexLabs CEO Dennis Lee is very proud of MintingLab and considers it a key milestone for the Solana blockchain and ecosystem, especially from the standpoint of maturity. He says:

“Dexlab’s MintingLab will be one of a kind.  By breaking down Solana’s major barrier of entry, the knowledge to code, many projects, especially non-blockchain ones, will be able to easily tokenize and enter the space. We’re excited for the potential to have all the different projects be welcomed into Solana through us.”

DexLab and Solana: Enterprises of the future

Solana is a web-scale, future-ready blockchain created to give users secure, seamless, and scalable access to a wide variety of decentralized marketplaces and dApps. By using a hybrid consensus mechanism, the blockchain can support as many as 50,000 transactions per second because the mechanism is based on the proof of history and proof of stake model. What’s more, it does this without compromising on its decentralization ethos.

Dexlab provides a GUI to issue tokens based on Solana without coding. It supports shared liquidity and lightning speed transactions by leveraging the Serum Decentralized Exchange’s central order book.

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