Harry Winston, One Times Square, and Fidelity file NFT trademarks

  • Harry Winston, One Times Square, and Fidelity Investment have filed NFT, crypto, and metaverse trademarks
  • Fidelity will release an NFT marketplace, Harry Winston plans to develop virtual garments and jewelry, and One Times Square will create NFTs featuring the skyscraper.

Harry Winston, One Times Square, and Fidelity have filed NFT and metaverse trademarks. Mike Kondoudis, the United States Patent and Trademark Office licensed trademark attorney, shared the news on his Twitter. 

Luxury American jeweler Harry Winston filed NFT and metaverse trademarks on December 20. The company reportedly plans to develop virtual stores and release virtual jewelry, watches and accessories, eyewear, bags, clothing, personal organizers, and other items. In addition, Harry Winston plans to develop downloadable computer programs featuring watches and garments. The company will also promote its products in virtual worlds.

Mike Kondoudis

One Times Square owner Jamestown has filed a trademark application for several NFT-backed services. First, the company plans to issue downloadable media featuring the 363-foot-high Times Square-located skyscraper. The NFTs will showcase video, text, audio, and graphics related to the building. Then, the venue will offer wedding, art gallery, and museum services.

Mike Kondoudis

Fidelity Investments filed NFT, crypto, and metaverse trademark applications. The American multinational financial services corporation plans to develop an NFT marketplace and non-fungible tokens featuring text and graphic content. In addition, Fidelity will provide mutual and retirement fund investment services in the metaverse. More than that, the company plans to release crypto wallets and software that supports cryptocurrency trading. 

Mike Kondoudis

Last week, renowned automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz filed licenses for digital currency, NFTs, and retail stores for virtual items.

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