H&M creates “Loooptopia Experience” on Roblox’s metaverse

H&M has announced the Loooptopia Experience on Roblox. The immersive 3D experience allows players to experiment with clothing materials and patterns, creating virtual garments for their avatars. To create the project, the Swedish fast-fashion company partnered with metaverse studio Dubit.

The experiences include:

  • Collect designs, colors, and textures throughout the game’s maps.
  • Ride scooters to explore the worlds or use jump pads, zip lines, and obstacles to reach hard-to-find items.
  • Combine the collected elements in the Looop Machine to create a wardrobe full of H&M-inspired digital clothes.
  • Recycle old clothes to earn elements, or trade them with friends to create additional outfits.
  • Explore four spaces—each offers different special elements for players to collect.
  • Take selfies to celebrate your avatar’s unique style.

The H&M Loooptopia Experience enables social interaction, mini-games, events, and styling sessions in engaging environments and virtual worlds. The Roblox-based experience encourages users to experiment with their digital identity and learn about fashion in a creative, fun, and playful way. Through the Roblox platform, known for attracting many popular brands into the metaverse, millions of people connect for shared experiences.

The three alternate worlds, which include play sessions in the interactive H&M’s world, are called Rainbooow Fields, Neon Studiooo, and Fabric Fooorest.

In these environments, users can collect a variety of fashion items by playing in mini-games, participating in styling sessions, attending live events, and more. 

Users can style their avatars with newly created clothes and accessories, pick dance moves, and select music and special effects to craft a performance on H&M’s virtual runway on Roblox. The experience also allows users to interact with friends, trade clothes, and take selfies. Whenever users want to change their avatars’ style, they can recycle old clothes and earn exclusive elements. 

“People who shop and wear H&M garments and accessories are increasingly spending time in virtual spaces and digital worlds. The H&M Loooptopia Experience on Roblox is now allowing us to explore new ways to engage with our current and new customers in the places they love to be, both online and offline. In the coming years, H&M will continue to explore this fast-growing expanse of virtual and augmented realities,”

said Linda Li, Head of Customer Activation & Marketing, H&M Americas.

H&M partnered with the Institute of Digital Fashion to release a metaverse fashion collection titled “Innovation Metaverse Design Story.”

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