Solana Labs Launches GameShift API for Web3 Games

Solana developers will be able to access all the technology requires to build new web3 games from a single interface.

Quick take: 

  • Solana Labs has launched the GameShift API for web3 games.
  • The platform will accelerate the process of developing and porting web3 games.
  • The platform is planned for launch later this year but is open for early developers to join.

Solana Labs has launched GameShift, a web3 game development API, that allows Solana developers to easily build and port blockchain games. 

According to the announcement on Wednesday, GameShift provides developers with a toolkit that allows Solana game developers to access all the technology required to build new blockchain games from a single interface.

The GameShift platform is fixing one of the web3 gaming industry’s biggest challenges of leveraging different technologies from multiple providers. Rather than using the different techs individually, the Solana-based API puts all tools in one place.

“Developers have not only had to acquire a deep understanding of web3, but familiarize themselves with individual providers and integrate each solution separately. GameShift has simplified this infrastructure by building the most robust and frictionless web3 gaming API the world has to offer,” a statement on the GameShift website reads.

Although Solana plans to launch the API later this year, the tech stack is already available for developers to join, with full access coming soon.

The GameShift suite of tools includes custody solutions, marketplaces, inventory management, NFT minting, credit card on-ramps and off-ramps, and more.

Commenting on the launch, al Tchwella, head of product at Solana Labs said: “Developers for web3 games need innovative technology to simplify and accelerate the game building process, which GameShift will accomplish. GameShift will provide a one-stop shop for developers on Solana and will help them build faster and more confidently.”

Solana Labs first announced the GameShift API at PlayGG, its community-first celebration of games on Solana, which takes place this week. Participants in the event will be able to play more than 40 Solana-based blockchain games.

“Developers see the potential of web3 games but they need help navigating the fragmented landscape of web3 tools and solutions. GameShift will make it easy for developers to focus more on building their games instead of wrestling with the complexities of integrating web3 into their games,” added Tchwella.

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