Solrise raises $3.4M to make the DeFi ecosystem ‘more accessible to wider investor audiences’

Solrise Finance, a company dedicated to helping investors with minimal experience and small amounts of capital participate in the decentralized finance space, said in a Tuesday press release it raised $3.4 million from a group of investors. Solrise will use the proceeds to make the DeFi ecosystem “more accessible to wider investor audiences.”

Overcoming current barriers

Solrise leverages Solana’s (SOL/USD) high speed, low-cost, and low friction blockchain technology so investors of all sizes can create, manage, and invest in portfolios of native and synthetic assets.

But the platform can’t reach its true potential in its current form due to high transaction costs and drawbacks of centralized finance platforms, such as opaque decisions to limit trading in select assets, according to Solrise. After successfully raising $3.4 million in fresh capital, Solrise is committed to “overcoming many of the existing barriers.”

Parafi Capital General Partner Santiago R Santos said in the press release:

The Solrise team are exceptional builders who also created Solfare and Solana Beach. We’re excited to make this our first (and definitely not our last) DeFi investment in Solana. We’re encouraged by the new possibilities in Solana for DeFi applications and see Solrise as the primary access point for investors and capital in the ecosystem.

Anyone can use Solrise

Solrise hopes to help DeFi users allocate capital across multiple actively managed funds and passively automated investment pools to access a larger cross-section of assets.

Unlike other investment platforms, Solrise’s non-custodial nature implies fund managers don’t own investor funds. Also, investors can enter and exit funds with ease and on their own timetable.

The Solrise platform is open to anyone who wishes to create or manage a fund within the protocol or invest in any of the funds. Users can also gain exposure to Solana native and off-chain assets and protocols that help expand the ecosystem’s reach.

Solrise CEO Vidor Gencel also said in the press release:

We are beyond excited to be working with the most amazing partners and investors we could have thought of. We are completely dedicated to making Solrise a long-term success, and are happy to have such strong support

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