Vault Finance: The Most Remarkable Revenue-Focused DeFi Project With Enhanced Utility Value Stands Out Against The Army Of Copycat Start-ups

Nowadays the crypto space reminds the Wild West with a lot of clandestine dealings happening here and there. It is getting more and more complicated to find a decent project with a smart team eager to create something exclusive in the space, instead of being a copycat and doing what everybody else is doing. Unfortunately such creative and truly innovative projects do not appear every day. Quite the opposite, there is a tendency towards clone duplication. Start-ups and concepts resemble each other like chicks at a big chicken hatchery.

A short story the remarkable project

Initially there were three crypto enthusiasts to establish a new endeavour. Three professionals in different areas got together and shaped the skeleton of the project based on their background knowledge. All of them used to be investors and saw the other side of the business. That is why they realised that the industry lacked reliable projects with long-term investments. Many of the existing start-ups did not inspire any confidence and looked more like rug pulls. There was a certain need in transparency and professionalism to raise the bar and update the industry standards. That was the time when the trio came in. 

Chris Esparza, the CEO of Vault Finance, has been a businessman since he was 13. He has owned a variety of different businesses and made some conclusions for the time being. The truth is as simple as follows: if there is a problem you should come to the market with a proper solution. Today the area is littered with projects and start-ups that just cut and paste from a generic template, bringing mess and chaos to the investors’ minds. It is a pity, but a lot of projects inherently have that problem. So, Vault Finance is here to illuminate the yellow brick road lost in the dark.

New tockenomics

In April 2022 the creators of Vault Finance were trying to solve another problem. There was no appropriate tokenomics able to fit the demanding requirements. Trying to solve the existing issues, the crypto enthusiasts finally found a mechanism to put the puzzle together. The major problem in the space with the contract selling was solved. The three friends found a wise solution with unique sell-less smart contracts which do not require selling of the native tokens. Everything started with a theory, a creative idea, but at that moment nobody was sure whether it would work out. 

Then the concept was explained to the developers. There were two teams working in tandem. They were very interested and excited about this theoretical consideration. After a while the developers got down to work and designed the requested product. Everyone will be able to check out this exclusive project during the upcoming launch.

Utilities matter

We can see a lot of projects that show up with nothing in their hands but hype. Vault Finance is going to show up on the first day with a way to produce revenue immediately. That’s what any other business normally has to provide from the very beginning. There are three utilities available starting from Day 1: an updated website (public and private), digital wallet, and dApp dashboard.

Vault Finance is going to implement a great deal of benefits starting from the launch date. The project’s ambition is to expand the power of utility with the next steps forward. This will be a splendid combination of an advanced tokenomics and growing utility value. Such linking features add significance to the related tokens and attract more participants for building up a stronger community.

Uncompromising call to action

Do not forget to mark the 23d of July, 2022 in your calendar. This date can be regarded as the dawn of a new era in the reflection tokenomic space.

Set your alarm clock, follow the latest updates, and have your ear to the ground.

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Disclaimer: This is a press release post.

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