Walker Labs announces Walker World multiplayer metaverse game

Walker Labs announced its new game Walker World in a new teaser trailer today. The Web3 game developer describes its new title as an open-world multiplayer third-person science-fiction zombie shooter-adventure, which is a bit eclectic. The new game is built in Unreal Engine 5 and slated for a late 2023 launch.

The developer apparently designed Walker World with the metaverse in mind, as players can create Walkers. These “3D animated, full-body, fully rigged characters” are designed for cross-platform interoperability, meaning players will be able to take them into other games. Walker Labs touts that players can own and upgrade their Walker characters and can buy and sell in-game items, assets and territories.

Daniel Branteström, co-founder of Walker Labs, said in a statement: “Our goal with Walker World is to be a market-defining, AAA-quality game and immersive experience and we are beyond thrilled to unveil the first glimpses of it. Our team is so proud of the story, the Walker characters, and the world we’re building. We see the metaverse as the next evolution of interoperable gaming, and Walker World takes full advantage of those possibilities.”

Walker Labs also announced a $2 million round of funding. Merit Circle and Citizen X led the round, with Kevin Lin, Futureverse and Altered State Machine participating, among others. The developer has also integrated 6,545 Walkers, called “Cryptowalkers” into Jadu’s Mirrorverse AR platform.

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