Warner Music Group Launches a DJ Contest in The Sandbox

Warner Music Group is launching The Sandbox DJ contest, the biggest Demo Drop to exist in the metaverse. Five DJs/music producers have the opportunity to launch their careers in one of the leading decentralized virtual worlds in Web3. The event takes place from January 26 to February 8 and is open to anyone with a KYC-verified Sandbox account.

The Sandbox DJ contest featuring different DJs and newcomer artists.
The Sandbox DJ contest features a party experience with different artists on the metaverse. 
Image Credit: The Sandbox

What is The Sandbox DJ Contest by Warner Music Group?

The Sandbox DJ contest by Warner Music Group is an event where 5 DJs/music producers have the chance to launch their careers on various platforms, while also getting exposure and prices in $SAND. The event is run by ‘Spinnin’ Records,’ a Dutch electronic music label affiliated with Warner Music Group. Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to win a share of the 50,000 $SAND reward pool and be featured by the electronic music label.

What is The Sandbox Metaverse?

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual world in Web3. It is a platform where users can create and monetize their content in a metaverse. Consequently, the Sandbox metaverse partners with music labels, gaming companies, and other content creators to bring immersive experiences to their users. The goal is to create an ecosystem where users can engage with their favorite content and creators in new and innovative ways. The Sandbox DJ contest certainly exemplifies the possible start of music careers, launching in the web3 space.

The Sandbox DJ contest brought to the metaverse by Spinnin' Records.
The worldwide dance music label, Spinnin’ Records, brings The Sandbox DJ contest to the metaverse. 
Image Credit: The Sandbox

The Sandbox DJ contest by Warner Music Group is an exciting opportunity for DJs/music producers. They can certainly benefit from a share of the 50,000 $SAND price and even start a career through the metaverse. By partnering with the Sandbox Metaverse, Spinnin’ Records aims to collaborate on more exciting and innovative community-engaging web3 initiatives. Warner Music Group initially partnered with the Sandbox a year ago to build a music-themed world in the metaverse and reach the global Sandbox community.

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