Yves Saint Laurent to Launch “YSL Beauty Night Blocks” NFTs

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty confirms a two-part NFT campaign titled “Black Opium: The Night Is Ours”. The campaign is to honor their legacy Black Opium line of fragrances. The first part of this campaign is an NFT drop of 2014 “YSL Beauty Night Blocks” – a tribute to the year the fragrance was created.  Additionally, the legendary fashion brand aims to merge the purchase of a physical product with a digital collectible!  Read on to learn more about the YSL drop, how you can collect the NFTs, and the utilities behind the project.

a person holding an Yves Saint Laurent "Black Opium" fragrance, for which the latest NFT campaign is set to launch.

How Can I Collect the Yves Saint Laurent NFT Drop?

YSL Beauty is a community of over 24,000 digital fashion NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and creators. To clarify, the YSL NFTs are minted on Polygon.

The latest campaign has two phases. The first YSL drop is geared towards onboarding the masses by allowing their community and other members to purchase a fragrance directly from their website. This purchase also comes with an NFT! Secondly, all the funds raised in the second Yves Saint Laurent NFT drop “YSL Beauty Night Masters” will go to the “Abuse Is Not Love” charity program.

“This latest release within the “YSL Beauty Blocks” collection enables us to embark on a new audience into web3, true to our promise to make this new usage more accessible, and to test the potential of NFTs when integrated into an online shopping experience.” Diane Hecquet, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.

Upon purchasing a Black Opium fragrance on the official YSL Beauty online store, collectors in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and France will also avail an NFT. All users need to do to claim it is to download and install the official YSL Beauty wallet app. Once the app is downloading, they can claim their piece from the 2014 units. The digital collectibles are of two kinds – original editions and ultra-rare editions.

More on the YSL NFT Collection

There are 2000 original units in the collection and 14 ultra-rare NFTs. All collectibles perfectly capture the essence of the Black Opium Eau de Parfum universe. Furthermore, the ultra-rare editions feature YSL’s newest addition to the fragrance franchise – Black Opium Le Parfum. The name for this particular entrant was given to it via YSL’s Instagram and Twitter communities.

Moreover, holders gain various utilities upon purchasing the NFT, such as:

  • Access to the private sale of the second chapter of the Black Opium “The Night is Ours” web3 activation.
  • A yslbeauty.com gift voucher along with the NFT.
  • Access to exclusive content from YSL.
  • A 90mL Black Opium Le Parfum fragrance plus a curated YSL Beauty kit to “get the Black Opium look.”

After Drop 1, “YSL Beauty Blocks” holders are notified directly on their wallets about the second drop. This second drop also opens early access to the brand’s web3 community during the private sale hosted on the website. The private sale for the second drop takes place on March 1, and the public sale on March 3. YSL also states that the second drop features inspiring female artists. The brand will reveal the artists shortly.

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