7-Eleven Takes Its Car Advertising into the Virtual World

7-Eleven continues its tradition of engaging on-the-go customers by tapping into car enthusiasm through a Fortnite metaverse scavenger hunt. This move blends social media outreach with gaming appeal to attract a younger audience. Furthermore, the initiative aligns with 7-Eleven’s goal of bolstering its delivery service, particularly among gamers. They also connect with their broader efforts to engage customers in unique ways.


  • 7-Eleven’s Fortnite scavenger hunt aims at young consumers, merging car culture and gaming to boost its online presence.
  • Players explore “There Car” Island for rewards by sharing island photos.
  • The initiative supports 7-Eleven’s delivery push and aligns with past interactive marketing efforts.

7-Eleven’s “There Car” Project Hits Metaverse Roads

Players are directed to “There Car” Island within Fortnite, a virtual realm featuring a customized 7-Eleven store and gas station. To participate, users must share a snapshot of themselves at a designated location on the island. This also offers them the chance to win rewards like $500 in 7Now Delivery credits and weekly fuel discounts at 7-Eleven and Speedway outlets.

This gaming endeavor follows the recent introduction of 7-Eleven’s retail media network. Furthermore, it connects a prior campaign where players could customize their cars in Rocket League using 7-Eleven branding. These exclusive features were unlocked with select product purchases from the store.

More About The Project

Marissa Jarratt, 7-Eleven’s Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing, and Sustainability Officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to connecting with customers through shared interests. The scavenger hunt is a testament to their acknowledgment of car culture, as evident in their engagement with car selfies (dubbed “carfies”) on Instagram, creation of car-themed merchandise, and development of their unique vehicle, Model 711.

7-Eleven’s marketing strategy has also embraced contemporary trends, like refreshing its image and musical collaboration. The “Anything Flows” campaign brought a fresh look to the Slurpee frozen drink’s logo and cup design, while a partnership with rapper Flo Milli resulted in a Slurpee-inspired song, showcasing the brand’s willingness to evolve and stay relevant in a dynamic market.

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