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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs are a very hot topic right now in blockchain. If you are new and don’t know what NFTs are, please read my complete guide for beginners. 

I’ll be covering NFTs projects, fresh daily NFTs news and everything you need to know about NFTs. 

Market and Technical Analysis

Market and Technical Analysis

All the news and information you need, technical analysis, charts, price targets… I’ll update it every day for you guys 🙂 

Legal Disclaimer here:

 I’m not a certified financial advisor and I do not provide personal investment advice. I’m an amateur investor. All information found here, including ideas, opinions, views, predictions, forecasts, comments, suggestions expressed are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only and should not be construed as personal investment advice.

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Lydia Ludmila A.

Senior Software Engineer. Blockchain Developer.
Mobile App Programmer. Trader.

Passionate about blockchain and technology in general, one of the biggest obstacle to mass adoption is the lack of knowledge and education.

Welcome to BeinChain, my project to bring blockchain and cryptocurrencies knowledge in an easy way 🙂 


Welcome to Beinchain. Here you will find anything you need about cryptocurrency, news, blockchain technology, blockchain projects, trading strategy and market analysis. All you need to know about ICOs, education, reviews, mining, and more.



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