Bitrue to support next generation projects on up-and-coming ecosystem chains

Leading platform Bitrue, a diversified cryptocurrency exchange that provides support for loans, trading, and investments, has extended the offer to developing projects on successful upcoming chains. The exchange plans to support an upcoming series of projects hosted on Cardano (ADA/USD), XinFin (XDC/USD), Solana (SOL/USD), and other growing ecosystem chains. Projects developing on these chains will have access to a premium listing track. No marketing or listing fees are required and you can complete signup within a few days.

A platform that’s responsive to community needs

This support comes in the wake of intense interest from Bitrue users in listing coins from specific chains. For instance, almost a quarter of a million Solana fans came out when asked to show their support for upcoming projects. Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue, explains the justification of the initiative:

“For years we’ve seen Ethereum (ETH/USD) dominate as a platform, it was the default chain to use whenever a company was thinking about developing a new token. For the first time though, they have some serious competition with this new generation of platforms, and the groundswell from their respective communities is too big to ignore.”

New trading options and impact of future community votes

Bitrue added Tether (USDT/USD) for trading on Monday, July 12. The DeFi coin ROPE was added for trading as well. The exchange will keep holding community votes in the future, but only owners of Bitrue’s platform token BTR will be allowed to vote. In some cases, holders will be eligible for rewards of the cryptocurrency they voted for if it meets a certain threshold of votes to join the exchange. In every event, they can stake individual BTR to represent one vote.

Aims of the exchange

Bitrue aims to use the blockchain to bring people financial opportunities regardless of their means and location. The exchange has offices around the world. It’s always working on new features to deploy as soon as possible in order to service the new wave of the digital economy as well and as effectively as possible.

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