CheekyCorgi: Real Life Corgis on the Blockchain as NFTs

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Dogecoin’s success has given the animal kingdom dominance over the crypto markets, from dog-themed memecoins to NFT frogs, cats, snakes, and dragons, to mention but a few.

With the explosive growth of the memecoin and animal-themed NFTs, enthusiasts of these furry and not-so furry creatures have come out of their caves with even more swagger.

CheekyCorgi is a new NFT project developed by a team of Corgi lovers and made for corgi & dog lovers.

Since NFT sales have been booming since earlier this year, the market has very much become saturated, and the competition is really getting fierce. NFTs are no longer just jpegs – projects have to push the boundaries and be more innovative in order to succeed.


What is CheekyCorgi?

CheekyCorgi boasts of being the first NFT project to have real-life Corgi images converted into NFTs.

The project has reserved 100 spots for corgi owners to claim for free as part of the CheekyCorgi NFT collection. Once the 100 Corgi Crews are assembled, they will auction the collage art piece and donate all the proceeds to dog rescue organizations.

Using the same concept of making real-life corgis into NFTs, the team behind CheekyCorgi has a goal of building a community around corgi and pet lovers around the world, as well as bringing the NFT and blockchain technology to the mainstream via its community of pet enthusiasts.

On top of that, CheekyCorgi’s team has decided to accept Shiba Inu (SHIB) together with some other payments including (USDT, USDC, ETH) for CheekyCorgi public minting.

In fact, being the 1st flagship project launching on their parent company Mintology Studio, a curated launchpad and studio, they will give away 200 MINT VIP NFT, which is essentially an exclusive minting pass for Mintology to the 1st 200 minted CheekyCorgi during the presale.

The CheekyCorgi Roadmap

The presale for CheekyCorgi is scheduled to start on Nov 27, 2021. However, the team has provided a detailed roadmap on how the project will grow.

The project’s roadmap is divided into four levels:

Level 1

This level entails the beginning of CheekyCorgi minting. More information regarding the minting time and date will be made available on the project’s Discord and Twitter pages.

After the initial minting is concluded, the ten legendary corgis will be open for auction.

Level 2

CheekyCorgi NFT holders will be rewarded daily with 5 SPLOOT, an ERC20 token, one week after the public sale. SPLOOT tokens can be used to change the name of users’ CheekyCorgi’s and the bio in NFT. The cost for changing the token’s name and bio is about 150 SPLOOT tokens each. Additionally, the SPLOOT token staking system will be available on the platform later on.

Proceeds from the royalties are to be voted on and decided by the NFT holders, for example, on the issue of donations.

Level 3

This level involves the expansion and launch of CorgiandFriends NFT Collections. Early CheekyCorgi holders can get whitelisted and presale rates for CorgiandFriends NFT and further drops.

Level 4

The launch of Corgiland, an exclusive investment portal powered by DAOventures with differentDeFi investment strategies. Only CheekyCorgi NFT holders and SPLOOT token holders can access the Corgiland.

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