Crucible and Futureverse announce open metaverse partnership

Crucible Technologies announced today it’s working with Futureverse to integrate its Emergence SDK into the latter’s Root Network. Developers can use Emergence to build interoperable experiences within Futureverse’s open metaverse ecosystem. Born Ready Ventures, a fund created by Futureverse’s co-founders, will also lead Crucible’s new funding round.

Crucible’s Emergence helps make avatars, wallets and inventory more interoperable across the metaverse. The company launched it last month for Unity developers. Following the partnership, Emergence is available in the Root Network and the players’ FuturePass wallet and identity.

Aaron McDonald, co-founder of Futureverse, said in a statement, “The Open Metaverse is here. Game engines are more accessible than ever, and AI will only amplify and accelerate their development. Our partnership with Crucible will empower a new generation of developers to create memorable experiences, and to unlock new utility for all FuturePass holders.”

Ryan Gill, Crucible’s founder and CEO, added, “The appetite for more open systems and game worlds is growing, so we built Emergence believing that we’d see the right combination of economics, communities and experiences lead to new momentum in the Open Metaverse. Futureverse is another clear leader in making this happen with the same mindset. We’re proud to be creating a long-term strategic technical and commercial relationship with Futureverse. Our partnership is focused on providing great experiences for both game developers and players so that we can all build and own this together.”

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