Cryptopunk Owner Hopes to Sell Punk for $91 Million — Pixelated NFT Punks Outshine the Competition

While traditional crypto assets have seen market sentiment drop to a level of uncertainty, non-fungible token (NFT) assets have continued to sell in the millions. One project developed by Larva Labs called Cryptopunks has seen some of its NFTs sell for millions and on May 11, a collection of nine Cryptopunks sold for $16.9 million at Christie’s. Now a Cryptopunk NFT owner is attempting to unload a single NFT (Cryptopunk 3100) for $91.64 million.

Cryptopunk 3100 Owner Wants $91 Million

Non-fungible token (NFT) artwork and collectibles have shocked the world and NFT artists have made millions selling these products to willing buyers. News has been covering the NFT space for quite some time and just recently reported on a study that showed the most prominent and most profitable NFT collectors to date.

Furthermore, another study indicated that as far as sports fans are concerned, close to three out of four sports fans are “moderately skeptical” about the longevity of NFT investments. Despite some skepticism, the fact is traditional crypto assets have not been performing as well as NFTs and these collectibles are still selling like hotcakes.

The owner of this specific Cryptopunk 3100 with headband accessory and one of nine alien punks wants 35,000 ether for the NFT.

Now the owner of a rare Cryptopunk (3100) wants to get around 35,000 ethereum (ETH) for the unique NFT. That’s around $91.64 million in value if the owner sold it for the desired amount and it would surpass the recent Christie’s auction which sold nine Cryptopunks for $16.9 million.

This particular Cryptopunk (3831) sold this week for 850 ether or just over $2 million.

It would also top the most expensive NFT sold to date, which is Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” which sold for 26,508.809 ETH or $69.3 million. The Larva Labs issued Cryptopunk 3100 was sold for $7.6 million on March 11, 2021. A few years ago on July 6, 2017, Cryptopunk 3100 sold for 8 ETH or $2,127 at the time of sale.

Cryptopunks Is the Top Selling NFT Collectibles This Week, Pixelated Punk Sales Outpace 8 Different NFT Projects

Data from shows Cryptopunks have done extremely well during the last seven days selling for millions of dollars in ether. During the last seven days, Cryptopunks saw 935 sales that total $115 million.

For instance, not too long ago on August 2, Cryptopunk 8053 sold for 80 ether or $210K. Over the last seven days, Cryptopunk 5217 sold for 2,250 ether ($5.5M), #2140 sold for 1,600 ether ($3.7M), and #3831 sold for 850 ether or just over $2 million. Cryptopunk 3100 is rare because it is one out of only nine Alien punks. #3100 also has an accessory which is the headband and 406 punks share this same feature.

The lot of nine rare Cryptopunks that sold at Christie’s for $16.9 million. also indicates that the NFT collection of 10,000 different punks is currently the top NFT project this week out of ten different NFT projects. Cryptopunks has surpassed Art Blocks, Meebits, Superrare, The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Hashmasks. In fact, Cryptopunks has done two times the sales that Art Blocks saw last week and Cryptopunks’ seven-day stats outpace the latter eight NFT project’s sales combined.

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