Escrow Brings New Era of Decentralized Crowdfunding with High Yield Rewards

Crowdfunding has become a revolutionary way for small businesses and new startups to raise funds in order to scale operations and expand their reach. However, most of these businesses fail to attract target funding amounts due to a lack of reach. On the other hand, many fake projects have cropped up to scam people through ICO & crowdfunding sites. This is where Escrow Protocol, a decentralized DAO crowdfunding platform, comes in to change the market and offers a dependable process for both investors as well as businesses raising funds.

ICOs were also seen as quite revolutionary at the start, but more than 85% of the projects failed and research suggests it was primarily because all funding was released upfront and then mismanagement by the project or in some cases just vanished. Escrow has a perfect solution for that, instead of giving all the funds to the project at once, the platform releases funds based on milestone completion. This ensures the investors’ money is going into projects that are committed to deliver on their promises and don’t go bust after raising significant amounts.

Escrow protocol provides long-awaited security for new ICOs with an ingenious auto-staking that keeps the money rolling in for today’s intelligent investor

The Escrow platform leverages financial security in managing DeFi funds, through providing Smart Contracts with to-be respected agreements for the investment process on multiple levels of governance.

How Investor Funds are Utilized For Maximum Return

Escrow Protocol’s revolutionary crowdfunding platform incorporates the best of DeFi market practices to maximize the return on investors’ money. When an investor puts money in a company, it could take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years to see a stream of revenue from that investment, that too if the company manages to remain afloat. Escrow understands most of the projects don’t need all the money upfront, so they allocate a certain amount of funds to the startups while the remaining funds are allocated for stablecoin yield-farming protocols to generate constant appreciation as they await their maturity date. Over the course of 1 year, the protocol would be able to generate 12-20% in additional funds of which up to 80% get paid back to the investor.

Escrow combines traditional crowdfunding with blockchain technology and easy-to-engage smart contracts. Start-up projects looking for funding will be able to set Roadmap Milestones and Timelines according to their actual capacity and realistic performance targets, setting a basis for making fulfillable promises. This investment model allows investors to gain exposure in start-up projects while receiving interest payments on investment funds. If the development of a particular project is not satisfactory, the investor community can vote to block further funding releases to the project. This allows investors to remain in control of their funds and motivates the start-up to deliver quality results in a timely manner.

Escrow is working towards positioning itself to become the standard in secure investments for both retail and institutional investors, opening doors to the New Digital World. With the many benefits of available technologies, we are able to implement unprecedented ways of financial interaction.

Key Benefits of Investing via Escrow

Escrow is set to revolutionize how crypto funding has worked thus far and offers a range of services and earning opportunities. Some of the key benefits of using the platform include,

  • While funds are held on Escrow Protocol, investors earn interest payments with AI Fund Management allocating unused investment funds to Yield-Farming Protocols.
  • Utilizing NFTs as access tokens to store contractual agreements about funded projects, generating a consistent use of the network, constantly reducing the total supply of ESCROW with platform use.
  • User-friendly interface, allowing current non-crypto users to easily get involved.
  • Investor community involvement with investment relative voting power.
  • Dedicated Investment Contracts for high-profile investors.

Investors on the platform can enhance value in the following way,

Holding Escrow: The utility token of the platform will appreciate with increased use of the ecosystem due to token burning. (NFT minting, wrapping)

Yield Farming: Investors will passively earn interest on investment funds held in Escrow that the protocol stakes on stablecoin Y-F Contracts.

The ICO token sale is facilitated on the BSC Binance Smart Chain. The ESCROW PROTOCOL Platform is a cross-chain application on the Polygon & Ethereum Network.

The company is currently conducting Private Token Sales over the course of 4 Rounds:

Seed Funding Round – 33,333,333 ESCROW
Sold at $0.00333 per token – Raising $111,000.00 (SOLD OUT)

Early Investor Round 1 – 22,522,522 ESCROW
Sold at $0.0200 per token – Raising $500,000.00

Early Investor Round 2 – 10,000,000 ESCROW
Sold at $0.0500 per token – Raising $500,000.00

Public ICO Sales – 684,144,145 ESCROW
Sold at $0.0500 per token + a price increase of $0.01 per $100,000 raised.

To learn more about Escrow Protocol visit escrowprotocol.app

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Explainer Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeT493fSq24

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