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FedML and Theta Unveil Decentralized AI Infrastructure for Generative AI and Content Recommendation

FedML, a collaborative/federated machine learning platform, and Theta Network, a decentralized video streaming platform, have partnered to launch a decentralized AI supercluster for generative AI and content recommendation.

The collaboration will allow the Theta Edge Network community to “contribute their personal preferences and compute resources to train and deploy AI models for personalized content recommendation for Theta.tv viewers.”

  • Theta Edge Network community members will contribute their personal preferences and compute resources to FedML.
  • FedML will use these resources to train and deploy AI models for personalized content recommendation.
  • These models will be used to suggest videos to Theta.tv viewers.

FedML has been about open and collaborative artificial intelligence. The company’s infrastructure and easy-to-use MLOps user interface facilitate collaboration.

The new partnership with Theta takes FedML’s commitment to collaboration to a new level. The two companies have built an interdisciplinary team of experts in machine learning, blockchain, computer vision, natural language processing, security (zero-knowledge proof), and privacy to deliver this Web3 x AI platform to the community.

The FedML clients are connected to the Theta Edge nodes, which are linked to the Theta.tv backend. The FedML training platform uses the data from these nodes to train, fine-tune, and serve the video recommendation model.

FedML and Theta Launch Decentralized AI Supercluster for Generative AI and Content Recommendation
“Recommendation Engine & Platform Architecture Overview.” Source: FedML

This technology has significant implications for any video platform. It allows media companies to leverage decentralized ML to tailor their videos to their users’ preferences, enhancing watch times and user engagement. The use cases go beyond video recommendation. For instance, it can provide more personalized news stories, or a streaming platform can suggest movies most relevant for each user. 

New Generative AI can also augment the video experience with automated summaries or generative video content to offer gaming tips. FedML supports training and serving such generative AI models. The technology can also optimize how video ads are delivered.

The partnership is a significant step forward in the development of decentralized AI. It will enable the development of AI models that are more accurate, secure, and privacy-preserving. It will also help to decentralize the AI industry, making it more accessible to everyone.

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