Is This the Future of E-Commerce? Virtual Shopping with CULT&RAIN

Virtual shopping gets more innovative by the day – and the latest experience comes from CULT&RAIN and their metaverse: CULTR WORLD.


  • The Web3 luxury fashion brand CULT&RAIN launched a new digital experience titled CULTR PAD for its metaverse, CULTR WORLD;
  • Users can explore the metaverse, enjoy virtual shopping, and also attend live events;
  • As a Web3 brand, CULT&RAIN aims to create a bridge between fashion, luxury, and innovative technology.

How Can You Enjoy Virtual Shopping via CULTR PAD?

This season, CULT&RAIN aims to take its Web3 community to a new virtual shopping experience right in the heart of its metaverse, CULTR WORLD. Users can embark on their own pads and navigate through the hyper-realistic metaverse. Additionally, there are four personalized digital rooms that offer unique experiences as follows:

  • The Mothership – the main hub where users can socialize with friends, stay on top of the news, and also enter the local SHOP;
  • THEATER – streaming videos you can watch simultaneously with your friends via invitation links;
  • DJ Room – an entertainment area with live events, fun, and a vibrant digital community;
  • Gallery – the perfect place to unleash your creativity and customize walls to create a PAD that represents your personality.

Of course, this journey centers around virtual shopping – the core concept of the CULTR WORLD metaverse. Furthermore, collectors can explore the digital SHOP and get the latest items from the CULT&RAIN drops.

“CULTR PAD is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries, embracing the digital evolution, and creating a dynamic community that thrives in the intersection of fashion, technology, and culture,” said George Yang, CEO and Founder of CULT&RAIN.

What is CULT&RAIN?

In essence, CULT&RAIN is a luxury fashion brand founded in the Web3 space. Back in July 2022, the group launched its first metaverse experience: CULTR WORLD. The futuristic blend of fashion and utility caught collectors’ eye – and the brand has been growing ever since.

The company’s founder, George Yang, has over 20 years of experience in luxury fashion design. Over the years, the artist has collaborated with iconic names in the physical fashion world, including Guy Laroche, Costume National, and Theory.

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