LiL Moon Rockets Evolves NFT Trend With Unique Smart Contract Distribution Model

The latest trend to take over the cryptocurrency world is an unprecedented convergence of digital assets and art, and other collectibles called NFTs. The popularity of NFTs has spilled into the mainstream, with Grimes earning $6 million on digital assets and Wu-Tang Clan set to release a legacy set with 36 ultra-rare tokens.

However, an innovator in the space is releasing 13337 art pieces via a unique, smart contract-based “reveal” sale that encourages fair availability at launch, and it could forever change the face of the emerging industry.

Lil Moon Rockets unique reveal model reimagines now NFTs are released

NFTs are blowing up, but because the technology is relatively new and has recently caught on in a major way, several projects are launching with an unfair distribution model, where many of the best NFTs are bought up by founders and other team members before the full offering goes live to the public.

Cryptocurrencies are designed to be decentralized to ensure no signal actor gained too much power over the underlying assets. In an effort to better adhere to the spirit of the crypto industry, LiL Moon Rockets has developed a unique distribution model for its 13337 rare vector pop art pieces releasing later this month.

A “reveal” of the ultra scarce digital art collection is scheduled by a smart contract exactly 21 days after the initial distribution. After 21 days, a blind distribution will begin, where the protocol will begin assigning artworks to a total of 13337 token holders. No front-running of the supply is possible with this model.

What you need to know about Lil Moon Rockets and how to get yours

LiL Moon Rockets sale is now live, offering fair and equal access to the 13337 tokens representing rare digital vector pop art. LiL Moon Rockets were curated out of a total of 272,160,000 possible combinations using a random number generation algorithm the company designed.

During the first three weeks of the sale, buyers won’t know which of the artworks they’ll ultimately receive. Currently, there are less than two weeks left until the reveal of the artworks, leaving little time remaining to acquire a piece of art and crypto history.

In addition to LiL Moon Rocket NFTs and artwork, owners will also be able to claim Name Your Rocket (NYR) tokens, which can be used to affix a name of their choosing to the artwork.

LiL Moon Rockets are BEP-721 NFTs and will be stored on the Binance Smart Chain. To access the sale and the opportunity to own a rare digital artwork with a groundbreaking distribution model, you’ll need to download MetaMask and connect it to the Binance Smart Chain via the LiL Moon Rockets website. To learn more, visit the website for more information.

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