LUB – First Crypto Exchange Inside Telegram

LUB token, a new cryptocurrency that is currently shaking up the market

The LUB token is the first cryptocurrency that can be traded directly on the increasingly popular Telegram messenger service. LUB is conquering this 500,000-million-member marketplace, making it a pioneer in an industry already full of innovation.

LUB is an ERC-20 token that is generated via the well-known and secure Ethereum blockchain

Bots as Secure Trading Partners

Telegram offers buyers and sellers of LUB cryptocurrency the advantage of trading entirely through a bot. The bot handles the trade quickly and accurately, because it’s an automated account on Telegram, so to speak. This week, the inventors of LUB are planning to release numerous extensions and LUB add-ons including support for Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese languages on its bot. By doing so, the platform will be making LUB a lot easier to access for the global community.

“For us, it’s important to provide easy access to LUB to as many people as possible. Therefore, Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese languages will be implemented directly into the bot in the next few days,” a company representative explained.

Wallet provider Metamask.io and LUB are currently negotiating the final details of a close collaboration that will make LUB the first currency to be paid via Metamask through Telegram. Another unique development occurred a few days ago, which will soon enable Bitcoin as one of the deposit methods for LUB.

“Moreover, users can conveniently convert USDT and ETH, as well as many other crypto-coins, such as Bitcoin, into LUB,” the LUB representative said.

Incremental Growth in the Number of Users

A few days ago, the number of LUB users on Telegram exceeded the 69,000 mark. As of today, the number is already well over 100,000 signifying the cryptocurrency’s growing popularity. The imminent launch of LUB on the leading crypto exchanges will further strengthen this trend. Those behind the LUB token are looking forward to its IPO.

“LUB will be a financially powerful asset on Huobi, Bitfinex, Binance, as well as on Coinbase. Our collaboration with crypto exchanges will ensure the projected boost we require to reach our goal of an average price increase of 1% up to 10% per day,” the LUB representative explained.

Predicted Price Development for LUB

There are going to be loads happening in May with regard to LUB. Several new payment methods will be added to simplify the handling of the cryptocurrency, making it accessible to more people. For example, it will be possible to exchange LUB via the Binance Chain BEP20. It’s already possible to make deposits via Binance P2P.

“We expect the price of one LUB to go to USD 0.35. If the price curve develops according to our forecasts, the unit price will be around USD 2.00 in two months. The price on the day of the first listing will settle at an estimated USD 3.60. We expect the price to increase 30 to 200 times after being listed on Binance,” the LUB representative stated confidently.

2,000,000+ LUB tokens on the market

The rapidly increasing number of users doesn’t make the LUB team nervous – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. “We are remaining level-headed and are not allowing ourselves to be unduly stressed due to the success of LUB. Right now, there are just over 2,000,000 LUB tokens in circulation. This provides plenty of potential for trade, exchange, and profit opportunities for investors,” the company representative stated further.

Multi-Lingual Support to Boost Success

The company is certain that the explicit expansion of the variety of languages on offer, will increase access to LUB dramatically. This increase in demand will determine the future price of the cryptocurrency, impacting it daily. The company representative states: “The early adopters of LUB will be the winners in this development. Those who get in on it today will certainly benefit tomorrow.”

https://t.me/LubTokenBot – Main Project Live

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