Mayan Warrior Burning Man Community Raises Funds With NFTs

Mayan Warrior, a community of Burning Man festival devotees, has created a fundraiser using NFTs. The community introduced “The Amulet,” a collection of benefit-filled digital assets that support artists and offer unique experiences. Let’s dive into what the Mayan Warrior organizers have created.

The Amulet by Mayan Warrior

To celebrate 10 years of being a leading non-profit organization, Mayan Warrior has introduced The Amulet, a digital “all access pass.” The NFT will be available for members inside and outside the Mayan Warrior community. Further, purchasing an Amulet NFT will directly support artists by assisting them in creating and displaying their interactive art. Amulet holders can look forward to several benefits. This includes access to Mayan Warrior fundraisers, unique experiences such as backstage access and physical gifts (Amulets and bracelets). The organizers promised that the longer an Amulet is held, the more benefits the holder will receive.

Furthermore, the goal of the Amulet fundraiser is to forge and expand the Mayan Warrior’s reach with community members all over the world. By offering a digitized version of the Amulet, Mayan Warrior is able to give access to its community to a wider audience. In addition, this new initiative will aid in supporting artists worldwide, along with indigenous communities and other organizations.

All in all, this is made possible through the fundraiser existing on chain thanks to blockchain technology. This will create a new experience for the community, one that’s transparent, seamless, and accessible.

Mayan Warrior event
A earlier Mayan Warrior event. Credit: Mayan Warrior
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