Miami Mayor Opening Bitcoin 2021: The Days of a Currency Tethered to a Central Bank Coming to End

Bitcoin 2021, the biggest BTC-oriented conference so far, is taking place in Miami right now.

Opening the event was, somewhat expectedly, the mayor of the city – Francis Suarez.

Mayor Suarez spoke highly of Bitcoin and the entire movement of cryptocurrencies. He even compared them to what Miami is trying to achieve in becoming a technology hub.
He said that many believe the current inflow of people to the city is mainly due to COVID and that once the pandemic is true, they’ll “go back home.”

To this, he compared Bitcoin and all the people who are saying that it will fail and that it’s an unsuccessful financial experiment.
He urged people to stop paying attention to the current volatility, reminding everyone that bitcoin’s price is well in the green since the beginning of the year.
Suarez also said that the clash between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake will ultimately come to an end, while also asserting that the US will be a powerhouse when it comes to renewable energy bitcoin mining.
Ultimately, the mayor also said that the “days of a currency tethered to a central bank are coming to an end.”
Closing his speech, Francis Suarez reminded everyone that it’s now time to buy the dip.

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