MonkeyBall to partner in Solana’s StarLaunch

  • MonkeyBall was chosen for its solid investor backing and large community
  • It raised $3 million from Solana Ventures, NFX, iAngels
  • 1% of MonkeyBall’s total supply will be sold on November 30, price is set to $0.04 per MBS

MonkeyBall, a play-to-earn game running on Solana (SOL/USD), was chosen to partner in the launch of StarLaunch, a new Solana-based IDO and incubation platform. The IDO will set the stage for all future sales, both in terms of ultimate results for participants and the caliber of projects.

MonkeyBall was natural choice with solid financial backing

The game was a natural choice for StarLaunch due to its solid investor backing, large community, and strong fundamentals as an innovative high-value game. It raised $3 million from Solana Ventures, NFX, iAngels, Longhash, CMS, Republic, and other venture capitalists and angel investors.

1% of MonkeyBall’s total supply will be sold on November 30. The price is set to $0.04 per MBS with a prospective fully diluted valuation of $40 million.

Imagine FIFA and Final Fantasy with monkeys

MonkeyBall combines FIFA and Final Fantasy, adding monkeys into the mix. Each player owns and controls a team of four monkeys, who play against other monkey teams. Users win MBS tokens, the main ones driving the game economy.

You can also earn MBS by owning stadiums that host games, completing missions, or attending other matches and supporting a monkey team.

Oren Langberg, Head of Marketing at MonkeyBall, commented:

We are psyched to be selected as StarLaunch’s flagship IDO. From the team that brought us CardStarter, StarLaunch has all the right elements we strove for in a partner, most importantly a team as dedicated and MonkeyNuts as us that also has a proven track record of successful IDOs.

Aatash Amir, CEO at StarLaunch, added:

MonkeyBall represents the future of on-chain gaming. As such we are thrilled to have them as our flagship IDO. As one of the most anticipated play-to-earn games out there, MonkeyBall will set the standard for the top-tier projects set to launch on StarLaunch.

Early holders entitled to NFT drop of 5k monkeys

People who get MBS at this early stage will be entitled to the upcoming MonkeyBall NFT drop of 5000 Gen0 monkeys, the first NFTs that can be used to develop monkey teams once the game launches. The MonkeyBall IDO on StarLaunch will leverage its unique bi-token participation model.

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