NFT blockchain game Kawaii Islands to debut following private token sale of $2.4M

  • Players experience farming, crafting, building, social networking, and other kinds of simulation gaming
  • Game combines entertainment with DeFi mechanics to allow players to make money
  • Kawaii Islands integrates on- and off-chain tasks, tangible and intangible

As the popularity of play to earn games continues to grow, Kawaii Islands, a fascinating NFT-based blockchain game, is ready to become a part of that. After netting $2.4 million from a private token sale, Kawaii is prepared to make its debut in September this year. Players can experience farming, crafting, building, social networking, and other kinds of simulation gaming all at the same time.

Kawaii is bringing value via KWT token

Play to earn games empower players by letting them sell the in-game items they’ve acquired for real money. This dynamic has not gone unnoticed by global investors. Game developers and issuers can create unique interactions through active marketplaces. Kawaii is bringing players value via the KWT token. The game combines entertainment with decentralized finance (DeFi) mechanics to allow players to make money.

The opportunities are endless

Players can expand their creativity by building an on-chain business. Kawaii Islands integrates on-chain tasks like making furniture and off-chain ones like developing magical resources. This allows players to earn in-game currency. The team of Kawaii island raised $2.4 million in a funding round led by MapleBlock and Signum, in which notable investors like Rikkei Capital, SL2, Chainboost, DFG, JSquare, AU21, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, and Polkastarter took part.

Vijay Garg, CEO of Mapleblock Capital, said:

“Kawaii Islands has strong design elements and fun mechanics that were inherited from its predecessor game series. AI-powered verification of on-chain game NFTs will unlock a deeper layer of engagement compared to traditional gaming.”

Players have full control, historic moment for blockchain games

Kawaii Islands has created an anime metaverse that puts the player in complete control. Players who have storytelling and artistic skills can develop a Web3 economy within the game based on a new and unique model known as “create-to-earn”. This is a historic moment for blockchain-based play-to-earn games as such functionality has never been seen on such a scale.  

Game roadmap includes NFT farming, seasonal events, and more

The game roadmap features a number of extras to be unlocked, including KWT staking, NFT farming, renting, and opening on-chain online businesses.

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