NFT Weekly Roundup: Bluezelle’s Innovative Solution, Rob Prior’s Live Stream, Ap’s Iconic NFT Collection, and the Br8ve Auction

While cryptocurrencies experienced their fair share of ups and downs over the week, nothing is holding back the stratospheric rise of NFTs. As another busy week comes to a close, a lot has unfolded in the world of NFTs. Here’s a quick rundown of the top events of this week.

Bluzelle Revamps Itself to Overcome NFTs’ Critical Storage Problems

Bluzelle, the decentralized data network for dApps, undergoes a massive transformation to bring forth a new and updated version, Bluzelle 2.0. While it started as a decentralized database, the platform has added several new modules alongside a brand redesign.

To cater to the rising demand for tamper-proof, secure, and scalable storage for NFTs, Bluzelle 2.0, in collaboration with Mintable, has added file storage to its existing services. The new feature allows you to store NFT files over its decentralized network, replicating the files across several validator nodes, ensuring scalability, security, and availability.

Marvel and DC Artist Rob Prior to Host an NFT Livestream Event

Acclaimed artist Rob Prior, known for his legendary artwork for Marvel and DC, will burn his original painting and unveil the NFT during the NFT Livestream event hosted by Mogul Productions.

Rob’s painting, inspired by the Wolf of Wall Street, showcases money falling from the sky. It is an expression signifying the future of art and NFTs. The painting will be digitized as an ERC1155 NFT during the live stream. In addition, Rob will also be unveiling two of his upcoming NFT drops, featuring a painting of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars and a Deadpool rendition.

Enjin Airdrops 50,000 Unique NFTs Within Ads and Social Media Posts

Enjin, the world’s leading NFT ecosystem and creator of the ERC1155 token standard, launched a unique marketing campaign to attract and engage new users. Dubbed as “MyFirstNFT,” the marketing tactic lays the foundation for a revolution in social media marketing.

As part of the campaign, Enjin airdropped 50,000 unique NFTs, embedded in digital ads and social media posts across Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. All of the NFTs were displayed as scannable QR codes that activated transactions when scanned with the Enjin wallet. The campaign was a roaring success as all 50,000 NFTs were claimed within 48 hours, adding 38,000 new users.

Terra Virtua Opens Auctions for The Br8ve NFT

Terra Virtua, the home of digital collectibles, added another unique artwork, the Br8ve, to its platform. The NFT includes the world’s most advanced VR headset designed by the Finnish brand Varjo, controllers, a powerful laptop, and a physically signed print copy of the original version.

Commissioned by an anonymous crypto OG who first revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto is not one but eight different individuals, the Br8ve NFT tells the story of Bitcoin. To bring the NFT to life, digital artist VESA spent five months converting it into digital artwork, followed by another six months of work by 3D maestro Frank Spalteholz and music composer Mighty33 to convert it into an exclusive VR artwork finally.

Currently the bid for the artwork is at $500,000, which is the highest bid thus far on the Terra Viruta marketplace.

Associated Press (AP) Unveils the First NFT From Its Collection of 10 Iconic NFTs

The Associated Press (AP) has listed the first item from its collection of 10 unique NFTs for auction on OpenSea, the world’s biggest NFT marketplace. Dubbed as the AP ARTiFACTS: The 175 Collection, the series of NFTs celebrates the legendary news agency’s exceptional photojournalism over 175 years.

The first NFT from the collection, a photo of American soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima in 1945, is now available for bidding. Renowned digital artist, Marko Stanojevic, is the man behind transforming the Pulitzer Prize-winning image into digital art. It also includes some of the rarest images clicked by AP photographer Joe Rosenthal alongside an original music composition by Nick Kennerly.

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