NFT Weekly Roundup: Earning Through NFTs, Legendary Muhammad Ali Collectibles, NFT Display in Times Square, and More

The NFT ecosystem is in full bloom, with several renowned names entering the playing field. As more and more artists and creators join the cash-strapped world of NFTs, I’ve got you covered with the latest announcements and launches of the week that are taking the world by storm.

Hashmasks Introduce a Passive Opportunity to Earn

Two of the biggest creative platforms, Terra Virtua and Hashmasks, recently collaborated to launch a unique set of NFTs called the Vflect Hashmasks. Setting a new benchmark in the NFT industry, Terra Virtua and Hashmasks have joined hands to implement a “rolling royalty” framework where Hashmasks NFT owners will be entitled to royalties and proceeds from the forthcoming Vflect Hashmasks Collection sale.

Hashmasks owners need to apply to license their Hashmask to be eligible to earn royalties. With over 16,000 unique Hashmasks and hundreds of special features of each Vflect collectible, this collaboration can generate millions of possible combinations.

Muhammad Ali Enterprises Joins Ethernity to Launch Collection

Ethernity Chain, a blockchain platform with a philanthropic drive, has partnered with the Muhammad Ali Enterprises (MAE) to launch the Muhammad Ali NFT collection. Designed by the renowned digital sculptor Raf Grassetti, the Muhammad Ali NFT collection showcases Ali’s life and legacy. It consists of four NFTs, named GOAT, Wings, Sting, and Float.

Ali had devoted all his life to helping those in need, and Ethernity Chain is focused on supporting charitable causes using blockchain technology, making this collaboration a good fit. Auction for the NFTs has already started on Ethernity Chain’s official website. Part of the proceeds will go to the Muhammad Ali Center, a non-profit museum and cultural center dedicated to the legendary boxer.

Community Art Pixel Board Makes 256 NFTs Available

Dcanvas, the world’s largest collaborative NFT art project, opens its doors to the public for the second time. Following the recent allocation and sale of 1024 NFTs, Dcanvas is now allocating 256 limited NFTs from its colossal community pixel board to the public.

Each of these ERC-721 NFTs contains 16 pixels (4 x 4 block). Ownership of each NFT gives you multiple privileges, including complete control over the pixel color using a 32-color palette, access to a DAO that governs royalties from future NFT-minted art pieces, and the freedom to change pixel colors at any time or re-auction it. All NFTs will be sold through the marketplace site Opensea on the Dcanvas App.

Artifex Orchestrates First-of-its-Kind NFT Display in Times Square

To honor the work of creators who pioneered a new age of NFT art, Artifex Project launches its platform to showcase leading artists and their works. It has curated a collection of original arts by leading visual artists to be auctioned as NFTs.

In a bid to promote the collection and the upcoming auction on May 17, Artifex displays on the eve of May 16 a preview of NFT artworks from 23 different creators in Times Square, New York. Dubbed as the “NYC NFT Takeover,” this unique art collection portrays the artist’s image of self. Artifex displayed previews on OUTFRONT Media billboards, Union Square, Two Bridges, and throughout Manhattan.

Reef Finance Partners With Aavegotchi to Expand Into NFTs

Following its expansion into the NFT ecosystem and the launch of Reef Chain, Reef Finance has partnered with Aavegotchi, making it the first NFT marketplace on the Substrate chain. Reef users can interact with the rare and verifiable Aavegotchi collectibles by staking REEF coins or buying fractions of the collectibles through this partnership.

Aavegotchi, a popular and innovative NFT project, combines gaming mechanics with Defi concepts. Each Defi-powered Aavegotchi is provably rare and verifiably adorable, making them the perfect fit for Reef Chain, designed to aggregate liquidity and accommodate NFT platforms and tokens.

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