NFT Weekly Roundup: Polygon’s Sustainable Minting, Oscars NFTs, And, Yes, Poop Emoji NFTs

As another busy week comes to an end, the NFT universe witnessed many new developments. From Polygon teaming up with leading brands to unique new collectibles up for grabs – here are the top NFT news bytes of the week.

Polygon to Offer A Sustainable Way of Minting NFTs

NFT creation platform Cent will integrate Polygon with its Valuables platform to offer sustainable minting solutions. The company is already using Polygon’s blockchain solutions to mint NFTs while lowering the environmental impact by 99%.

As of now, NFT transactions are processed via a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, requiring the consumption of enormous computational resources to mine each transaction. However, Polygon changes this by utilizing plasma with its Proof-of-Stake (POS) sidechain called Matic POS, powering much higher speed and lower cost transactions.

Nomine(eth) Launches NFT For 2021 Oscar Nominees

NFT Weekly Roundup: Polygon's Sustainable Minting, Oscars NFTs, And, Yes, Poop Emoji NFTs

Hollywood’s biggest award show, the 2021 Oscars, is just around the corner. To celebrate the milestone, Nomine(eth) has partnered with prominent artists such as Jack Butcher, Daniel Popper, Osinachi, Lirona, and Celebrity Chef, Rocco DiSpirito to drop exclusive NFTs for all 5 top awards categories.

Scheduled to be auctioned on Rarible, the drop also includes a unique tribute piece in honor of Chadwick Boseman. All proceeds from the tribute piece will be donated to the Colon Cancer Foundation. Additionally, each of the nominee’s names will be signed into the description of the NFT when minting, permanently recording their achievement in the 93rd Academy Awards.

Blockchain Investment Firm Hashed Invests in

Hashed, a leading blockchain-focused venture capital fund, has led the seed funding round of, the organization behind NFT portfolio management platform Alongside other top VC firms, namely, Digital Currency Group and 1kx, Hashed’s investment pushed the total funding cap to $1.4 million. is integrated with numerous leading NFT marketplaces in the blockchain segment, providing in-depth tools for asset management. The platform also supports NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon networks, allowing users access to numerous NFTs at once.

Cryptopoops Launches The World’s “Shittiest” NFTs

Most of the OG memes have already found their way into the NFT ecosystem. In keeping with the trend, Cryptopoops has officially launched the “poop emoji” NFTs in all shapes and sizes. Each Cryptopoop is unique and meticulously crafted from over 50 properties and millions of combinations.

A total of 6,006 Cryptopoops can be programmatically generated. An Ethereum smart contract assigns unique traits and a backstory for each Cryptopoop when it is minted on the blockchain. Traits will be stored in the ERC721 token itself, and owners will also receive a 1080p image stored on IPFS and be pinned to ensure extended durability.

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