Polker.Game Awarded Grant From Polygon Foundation

Polygon’s full-stack scaling solution implemented to improve performance and gameplay

Polker.game & pkr.io are excited to announce they have been awarded a grant from the Polygon Foundation. Polygon is the first fully functional full-stack scaling solution on top of Ethereum offering fast transactions and extremely low fees.

The grant will be used to further develop the integration of Polygon’s scaling solutions into the Polker.Game platform and to ensure that all smart contracts are fully audited and secure on-chain. The Polygon Foundation will also offer support with the implementation of its network in future development.

PKR.io + Polker.Game & Polygon

Polker.Game’s Play-to-Earn NFT poker platform is powered by its native token $PKR. The platform also uses multiple patented and patent-pending protocols developed and available from PKR.io. Two of these are the True Random Number Generator (TRNG) protocol and the Provably Fair Auditable Gameplay protocol – both of these require smart contract interaction.

The smart contracts for both protocols were originally designed for the Ethereum network and are written in Solidity code – this is 100% compatible with Polygon. Migration of these smart contracts from the Ethereum mainnet to Polygon’s scaling solution comes with numerous benefits for all parties involved. The fees for interacting with a smart contract using Polygon are still less than $0.01 – as opposed to a minimum of $10 (and that’s if you are lucky!) on Ethereum currently. Also, the scaling provided by Polygon removes the congestion issue Ethereum faces, allowing up to 7,200tps as opposed to just 30tps.

Low fees, high-speed, same script – the benefits for PKR.io and Polker.Game is huge.

Future Development on Polygon

The native token of Polker.Game $PKR will also be bridged from its current networks onto Polygon and liquidity will be provided on QuickSwap. This will allow trading of $PKR with extremely low fees and quick confirmations whilst also increasing the exposure of the $PKR token.

Fees on Polygon are so low that you can get MATIC (the token used for gas) for free from Matic.Supply up to 3 times a day – enough MATIC to make over 50 transactions.

TRNG is also being used by PKR.io to develop a first of its kind secure blockchain-based two-factor authentication system – without the low fees and fast confirmations of Polygon, this wouldn’t have been possible.

More About Polygon

Polygon (formally MATIC) is the first secured, fully implemented and functional full-stack scaling solution for Ethereum. Polygon uses its Proof-of-Stake blockchain alongside a ‘commit chain’ to scale the Ethereum network. Polygon SDK also offers a framework to connect other secure networks such a zkRollups, Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, and much more. Offering both low fees, high-speed confirmations whilst being proof-of-stake and secure has allowed Polygon to gain a huge amount of adoption since its mainnet launch in 2021.

More From PKR.io and Polker.Game

The Polygon grant and migration might be the headline of today however there is much more going on. Last week the US R&B star Akon gave a shout out to the project, and the native token of both platforms $PKR was listed on BitMart.com. $PKR went up over 250% at one point over 24hrs, after a healthy correction a price-floor has been found with $PKR up 100% over 7 days and 180% over 30 days. The market cap of $PKR sits at just $2.8mn, so there is plenty of room for growth.

There has also been an increase in interest in PKR.io from some top players and investors in the space over the last couple of weeks, some of whom have confirmed they have invested in $PKR. Once Polker.Game demonstrates the power of the protocols from PKR.io it is expected that having them available for others to implement will be an important part of the ecosystem.

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