Polygon Integrates into The Graph Network, Setting Huge Milestone

Layer 2 scaling solution Polygon has announced its integration with The Graph, a decentralized protocol used to index Web3 data. The integration would allow Polygon users access to open APIs to power their dApps.

Node operators can also perform indexing for Polygon to serve the dApps running on the network and earn rewards. The Graph describes itself as the indexing and querying layer of Web3. Its developers build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs, that applications can query using GraphQL. Over 74,000 subgraphs have been deployed on the hosted service.

Therefore, joining The Graph network will allow Polygon developers to find the needed data to improve the efficiency of their dApps.

Early last year, The Graph announced support for Polygon on its hosted service in a bid to kick off its expansion from applications on Ethereum to Layer 2 scaling solutions.

Now the integration of Polygon brings The Graph one step closer to sunsetting the hosted service, which currently supports 39 networks, and bringing on the emergence of decentralized data through The Graph network.

Phantom announces support for Polygon

Polygon has seen major integrations recently. Phantom, a noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet, is adding browser, iOS and Android support for the Polygon network.

Phantom is now launching on Polygon and Ethereum to allow a large user base across Web3 to interact with NFTs and decentralized applications. The private multi-chain beta is scheduled to go live in the upcoming weeks, followed quickly by a public launch.

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