Project Senpai: Bringing Crypto and Anime Together as NFTs

Anime — the Japanese form of animation is a popular form of entertainment across the world. It commands a huge fan following and a dominating market share in the global animation market. The growing popularity has also created a demand for Anime collectibles.  Amid the rising demand, Project Senpai introduces an equally popular asset form – cryptocurrencies to the mix by creating Chibi-style NFTs with anime characters.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Project Senpai creates an entire crypto-themed anime NFT ecosystem complete with few DeFi features. The ecosystem includes ERC20 $SENPAI native utility token, $KOHAI secondary token, ERC-1155 NFT Waifus anime cards, a staking mechanism as well as physical watercolor drawings.

Collect, Trade and Earn

All the collectible NFTs and watercolor designs created by Project Senpai are handcrafted and available in limited quantities. Based on their rarity, the minted collectible NFT cards are currently classified into 4 categories – Bronze (50 mints), Silver (25 mints), Gold (5 mints) and the coveted Black with just one mint. The platform takes anywhere between a fortnight to one whole month to craft each collectible which is then offered to $SENPAI token holders and listed on OpenSea NFT marketplace as well.

Project Senpai also plans to introduce special “Limited” design NFTs signifying specific events which can be won via contests or by redeeming other eligible NFT collections.

All NFT collectibles issued by Project Senpai will have a set base price that remains static, and any change in price during an open market transaction will be demand-driven and remain above the set price.

Getting Rewarded on Project Senpai

There is no dearth of rewards on Project Senpai. The NFTs issued by the project will be part of one or multiple collections. Those users who collect different cards to complete a collection and redeem it on the platform will receive a Limited NFT collectible, which will be extremely rare and can be of great value.

Other ways of getting rewarded on the Project Senpai ecosystem includes NFT farming using $SENPAI where participants get rewarded with TGC (Trading Card Game) NFTs, or by staking $SENPAI to receive $KOHAI token as rewards. These secondary $KOHAI tokens can be used to purchase certain $KOHAI-only NFTS.

$SENPAI token holders also get an opportunity to become part of a membership-only Club Senpai – an exclusive Project Senpai community with access to events to see their favorite waifu cosplay a specific cryptocurrency and win limited Event NFTs.

Club Senpai members receive unique NFT collections that are otherwise not available on the open market or through any of the other reward programs.

Project Senpai creates an attractive NFT based economy around pop culture. It is a fun platform where the community can create their own collectible collections and if the collection is popular enough, they can choose to emerge with a small fortune in their hands.

Learn more about Project Senpai at – https://projectsenp.ai/

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