PUMA Launches Black Station 2: The Ultimate Phygital Footwear Experience

Recently, PUMA expanded its metaverse web destination, Black Station, with an immersive digital retail experience. Introducing Black Station 2, a metaverse platform that bridges the digital and physical world. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • PUMA launches Black Station 2, a metaverse platform merging the digital and physical worlds for buying phygital footwear.
  • Black Station 2 has two worlds: Unkai (inspired by Shibuya) and Unter (inspired by Berlin’s club culture), showcasing innovative footwear designs.
  • The highly anticipated Fast-RB is among the releases, incorporating INITRO foam technology and PWRPLATE for stability. PUMA Pass NFT holders can buy exclusive Materializer and Digital Collectible NFTs. MoonPay ensures secure transactions.

PUMA Expands on its Metaverse Initiative

The famous sports company, PUMA, is leaping into the future with the launch of Black Station 2. This progressive metaverse platform combines the digital and physical realms. Moreover, this allows users to not only explore but also to buy phygital footwear.

Building upon the success of its initial Black Station release during New York Fashion Week, Black Station 2 takes the creative experience to new heights with two worlds that unveil innovative footwear designs.

The first world, Unkai, draws inspiration from the vibrant Japanese city of Shibuya. It showcases footwear designs infused with lively colors and lively elements. On the other hand, Unter, the second world, is a tribute to Berlin’s underground club culture. It shows footwear designs that reflect the dynamic and edgy club scene.

What Can We Expect?

The Fast-RB stands out as one of the notable footwear releases within Black Station 2. Engineered with PUMA’s running technologies, the Fast-RB features four positioned NITRO pods and three PWRPLATES. Therefore, they will deliver an amazing running experience characterized by a unique bouncy feel.

What’s more, the features of Fast-RB include INITRO. INITRO is a new Nitrogen-infused foam technology that provides exceptional responsiveness in an incredibly light package. Additionally, it also features PWRPLATE which are made to stabilize NITRO midsoles while boosting energy transfer.

For PUMA Pass NFT holders, Black Station 2 offers the opportunity to buy Materializer NFTs. These represent “to-be-produced” physical products, as well as Digital Collectible NFTs. A limited supply of 4,000 NFTs of each type will be available to buy throughout the week. Therefore, giving a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts.

As part of its 75th-anniversary celebration, PUMA is enjoying its growing web3 presence, aiming to create an always-on retail shopping experience. Black Station 2 serves as a complementary service to PUMA’s global e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. To onboard a wider audience to PUMA’s web3 spaces, the company has expanded its buying options in Black Station 2 to include credit card payments in addition to crypto.

PUMA Nitro Shoes

PUMA x MoonPay

MoonPay, a trusted provider of web3 systems, has played a vital role in giving the Black Station 2 project. Leveraging MoonPay products such as HyperMint for NFT smart contract and minting, as well as NFT Checkout for buying USD-based NFT, PUMA ensures a smooth and secure transaction experience.

Ivan Dashkov, Head of Web3 at PUMA, explained his excitement about inviting the community into these new worlds, emphasizing PUMA’s commitment to meeting its community’s shopping preferences while exploring the options within crypto and the metaverse.

Since the launch of Black Station in 2022, PUMA has continued to expand its NFT offerings. Notably, the company recently introduced its Super PUMA PFP NFT in early 2023. In preparation for the launch of Black Station 2, PUMA changed its Nitro Collection NFT into the PUMA Pass, giving holders exclusive access to new and high-end PUMA products.

To explore the wonders of Black Station 2, visit the Black Station website and discover the limited-edition NFTs offered by PUMA. Additionally, the PUMA Pass can be obtained on OpenSea. Finally, immerse yourself in the future of footwear and embrace the captivating fusion of the physical and digital worlds with PUMA Black Station 2.

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