Raising Security Standards: CertiK Unveils the Security Leaderboard, a Powerful Tool for Retail Investors Navigating the Decentralized Web

Certik’s Security Leadboard is a tool designed to help DeFi investors evaluate projects in the ecosystem.

CertiK is proud to announce the latest version of the Security Leaderboard, a tool which ranks DeFi projects against a range of security primitives. The Leaderboard provides investors with the data they need to do their own research and successfully navigate the exciting and often risky world of Web 3.0. It’s the latest of CertiK’s offerings that aims to raise the standard of security and promote transparency across all of DeFi.

As a freely-accessible tool, CertiK’s Security Leaderboard gives access to project audits and market-leading data. Hundreds of projects are listed on an elegantly displayed dashboard, where users can see how they rank against a wide range of security primitives. These metrics include the project’s audit history, on-chain monitoring data provided by SkyNet – a real-time security intelligence engine –, market volatility, social sentiment, transaction data, and more. 

These actionable insights are critical for users who choose to invest in more risky projects. The Community Alerts panel allows users to report potential security breaches of a project. If a rugpull is in progress, time is of the essence for investors trying to salvage their funds. CertiK’s security engineers investigate each report and mark alerts as Confirmed if a breach has occurred. 

The Security Leaderboard is a powerful tool for users looking to DYOR before investing and afterwards to monitor the security of their funds. CertiK also hosts a weekly LIVE Showcase, featuring top projects on the foundation YouTube Channel

Visit the Security Leaderboard today to see how your favorite project stacks up! 

CertiK is the leading cyber-security firm that has audited some of the blockchain ecosystem’s biggest players. The non-profit arm, CertiK Foundation is a research-driven organization, with a mission to give people the power to trust blockchain applications by providing innovative on-chain and off-chain security measures for smart contracts and the entire blockchain ecosystem

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