Renault Debuts Digital Twin NFTs and Custom Racing Shoe5 Sneakers

Renault is set to debut its second NFT collection: the Racing Shoe5 series. Celebrating the 50th birthday of the iconic French automaker, it consists of 960 NFTs. Each one will be linked to a physical limited-edition sneaker. Let’s dig into this new project!

A screenshot of Renault's sneakers collection.
The physical sneakers will be available in different colors.

What is the Racing Shoe5 Series?

Renault’s Racing Shoe5 series draws inspiration from the iconic R5 Turbo models. Five custom-designed styles will pay tribute to different flagship R5 Turbo models. Additionally, the sixth design will honor the R5 Turbo 3E, co-created in collaboration with the R3NLT web3 community.

The physical sneakers will also incorporate distinctive design elements from the R5 Turbo lineup, such as a rear slope reminiscent of the car’s chassis, upholstery-inspired interiors, and seatbelt-like laces.

Adding to the collection’s technological innovation, Renault will integrate an NFC chip into each shoe’s tongue. Scanning this chip will trigger the recovery of a second NFT. This will be a “digital passport,” which will provide a certificate of authenticity and information about the shoe’s composition, materials, and production history. Each pair, along with its corresponding NFTs, will retail for €265.

What is the Renault NFT project?

Members of the R3NLT web3 community will have early access to the drop starting on May 15, with pre-registration access on May 16. Then, the public sale will commence on May 17 via the Renault NFT website.

“The RACING SHOE5 collection gives Renault enthusiasts an innovative new way to engage with their favorite auto company,” says the project team. “Renault’s second NFT drop is a unique opportunity for brand fans to get their hands on an exclusive pair of custom-designed sneakers and enjoy an immersive, 3D experience.”

With this new NFT collection, Renault confirms its interest in the potential of Web3. The automaker’s dropped its first NFT collection, called genR5, last December. It pays homage to the Renault 5 model, with 1972 unique NFTs (1972 is the year the Renault 5 reached the market).

Renault has long been a pioneer in the automotive industry. For example, the company was one of the first to develop electric vehicles in Europe. Furthermore, its current plan, ‘Renaulution,’ aims to transform Renault into a more competitive and electrified brand. Therefore, embracing Web3 is, in this regard, another way to keep pace with the evolution of technologies.

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