Solana’s MixMob Launches ‘Race-to-Earn’ Game Ahead of Airdrop, Saga Phone Perks

MixMob’s Racer 1 lets players gamble on races or earn crypto for wins. An airdrop is coming, along with benefits for Solana Saga owners.

Crypto gaming startup MixMob has released its first Solana-based game, Racer 1, a card-driven strategic racing experience where players can bet on matches or play and earn tokens for winning races. The launch comes ahead of plans by MixMob to airdrop tokens to the community.

Racer 1 is a “race-to-earn” game where players can also choose to stake (or lock up) their MXM tokens, according to the game’s litepaper. The game is playable on iOS and Android devices, as well via desktop web browsers and the Solana Saga smartphone

In the robotic sci-fi world of Racer 1, players can own and race with MixBots, which are represented by Solana NFTs that each have different abilities. While players race, viewers can use the MXM Esports League’s governance token, MXM, to unlock premium items or support their favorite gamers by buying them gifts, for example.

A public sale for bundles including a MixBot NFT and MXM tokens, along with other benefits, is set to begin on January 11.

Racer 1 has two tokens: MXM and SUD. Holding MXM tokens enables revenue sharing, referral rewards, and the ability to vote on future governance decisions for the game, according to the project’s litepaper. SUD, on the other hand, is a token that can be earned by winning games or by purchasing it within Racer 1. SUD can be used to collect NFTs or MXM tokens, per the litepaper, but is “soulbound” and cannot be otherwise traded outside of the game’s ecosystem.

MixMob CEO Simon Vieira told Decrypt in a message that the company will airdrop MXM tokens to active community members and gamers who play Racer 1 and use its racing, referral, staking, and wagering features. Owners of its MixBots NFTs will also be included in the airdrop.

“The objective is to reward our supporters for the last two years and drive utility for both the token and game NFTs,” Vieira explained.

Because Racer 1 is built on Solana, the MixMob team has also decided to offer exclusive perks for Solana Saga phone owners, joining a wide range of other projects that are providing unique benefits for phone buyers.

Saga owners will be included in their own exclusive airdrop and will be able to participate in a Saga-only Racer 1 tournament, set to launch in the first quarter of this year with other game mechanics Vieira said are “only possible with Saga.”

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