Source Digital announced the world’s first metaverse experience for LG smart TVs

  • Source Digital and Sansar have announced the first metaverse experience on a smart TV.
  • Via the Sansar app on webOS LG smart TVs, users can experience live events on a customizable metaverse.

Source Digital and Sansar have announced creating the first-ever metaverse experience on smart TVs. Through the Sansar app on LG Smart TVs, users can experience hundreds of live entertainment events in the world’s first customizable 2D and 3D metaverse.

Source Digital is a monetization platform that offers clients social engagement opportunities via the metaverse. Sansar is a social VR platform that aims to empower creators to build virtual experiences.

The Sansar app, driven by Source, is available on webOS TVs to give viewers the opportunity to experience sports and entertainment events from the comfort of their homes anywhere in the world. The app allows viewers to customize their viewing experience by accessing their favorite live events in real-time through a 2D or 3D environment where users can also engage with each other, buy merchandise, and do other metaverse-related activities.

The Sansar app is the world’s first of its kind. It offers a user-friendly metaverse application on connected LG devices. Users can join live events on LG TVs and then, at any time during the event, switch to the 3D metaverse with a click or a tap of a finger. 

“We spent years developing and patenting Source’s revolutionary style of engaging and monetizing viewers on their terms across digital media. Now, we are honored to be part of creating this industry-first experience on over 120 million TVs worldwide, with many more events and experiences to come,”

said Source Digital co-founder and CEO Hank Frecon.

The Sansar app is available for download on and allows users to experience CES, “the most influential tech event in the world,” which takes place in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, 2023.

LG has been rapidly advancing with emerging technologies. In September, the South Korean electronics firm launched an NFT platform, LG Art Lab, which allows NFT holders to enjoy their digital collectibles on their TV screens. However, Samsung was the first to announce an NFT-compatible smart TV back in March. Samsung Electronics collaborated with Nifty Gateway to incorporate an NFT marketplace into the company’s QLED and Neo QLED premium TVs.

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