Talent Giant Creative Artists Agency Inks Deal With Pseudonymous NFT Whale 0xb1

On October 8, the leading California-based talent agency Creative Artists Agency announced it has inked a deal with the infamous non-fungible token (NFT) asset collector known as “0xb1.” The influential talent agency aims to help the pseudonymous 0xb1 monetize the vast NFT collection and bolster “blue-chip brands looking to enter the NFT space.”

0xb1 Partners With Creative Artists Agency to Bolster ‘Advisory Partnerships’

This week the well known talent agency based in Los Angeles, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), revealed it has partnered with a crypto NFT whale called “0xb1.” The character has a Twitter profile and 53,000 followers after joining the social media platform in November 2020. On Friday, CAA told The Hollywood Reporter that it has signed a deal with the pseudonymous 0xb1 and it aims to help “monetize their collection of NFTs through licensing and brand partnerships.”

0xb1 is an avid NFT collector and the address holds or once held a number of extremely expensive NFTs. 0xb1 collects NFT collections like Cool Cats, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), among a number of individual NFTs as well. In order to help 0xb1, the talent agency CAA will facilitate “advisory partnerships.” Using the social media account on Twitter, 0xb1 confirmed that it had partnered with the Los Angeles-based firm. CAA also inked a deal with the BAYC’s Jenkins The Valet on September 22.

Licensing intellectual property in regard to the hottest non-fungible token (NFT) assets and collectibles these days has been all the rage. On September 1, we reported on the talent giant United Talent Agency (UTA) signing a deal with the prominent NFT projects Cryptopunks, Autoglyphs, and Meebits. As far as 0xb1 is concerned, the NFT collector is a mega whale and onchain sleuths have been following its onchain movements and NFT purchases for quite some time.

Onchain sleuths Follow 0xb1’s Movements and NFT Buys

For instance, the Twitter account dubbed “Decentral Station” noted that it may not be an individual but a fund. “First thought [that] occurred to my mind is [that] this is definitely not an individual,” Decentral Station said. “Probably a Fund. As managing 9 digits needs manpower. So [I] tried to find out the origin. 0xb1 was funded initially with 1 ETH and 235,000 LINK from Celsius wallet.” Decentral Station gives an excellent analysis of 0xb1’s onchain movements as does Nick Chong on January 3, 2021. Chong stated:

By far, one of the most interesting ethereum addresses I’ve seen is @0x_b1. It’s quite an interesting social experiment as well – a $300m whale starting a Twitter account for fun. Check their bio.

Then months later on September 27, 0xb1 addressed some of the speculation behind the account. “Greetings Metaverse and Web3 builders,” 0xb1 said last month.

“The team behind @0x_b1 wanted to finally address some of the speculation about this account and its origins. While we cannot disclose too much, we would like to introduce ourselves. We previously managed the funds held in the 0xb1 address in 2020 till May 2021, but have since escaped that relationship & no longer have any association with those funds or the organization(s) from whence they came. The team behind this Twitter has always remained the same.” 0xb1 added:

Soon we will become MORE active again – not as a fund per se, but as a team of crypto natives and technologist degens committed to the ethos, the culture and future of the decentralized economy. In the coming weeks, we will announce a new defi primitive that the team has been heads-down building [for] the past 6 months. This platform, aptly named Fodl Finance @fodlfi, is the first true on-chain primitive for leveraged longs/short without funding rates. More on this coming soon.

NFT deals between talent giants and collections like the Cryptopunks, Autoglyphs, Meebits, and 0xb1’s recent signing, clearly shows that intellectual property tethered to the world’s most popular NFTs are becoming commonplace in the crypto industry. Last April, an astronaut NFT character called Aku created by Micah Johnson “optioned for TV and film projects by Anonymous Content and Permanent Content, a joint venture of Shawn Mendes and his manager, Andrew Gertler,” according to Variety’s Todd Spangler.

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