Technicorum Holdings announces launch of cannabis token CanCoin in partnership with leading finance experts

Technicorum Holdings, a digital asset-specialized advisory group, announced the launch of The CanCoin in partnership with Enexis co-founders and managers David Bonnier and Amaury de Poret and other experts. The token aims to solve monetization and market friction in Europe’s cannabis market and to help develop blockchain solutions for the dynamic cannabis industry.  

CanCoin solves poor supply chain tracking, trust issues

The coins will begin to be issued on August 22 of this year. There will be a finite supply of 420 million coins. The cannabis token is expected to solve issues such as poor tracking of the supply chain, lack of transparency, patient distrust of monitoring systems, and financial institutions’ prevailing aversion to providing services to the European cannabis market. The token utilizes the blockchain to manage medical marijuana cards and inventory, streamline payments, and monitor patients. It also makes DeFi and NFTs part of the ecosystem. 

Daniel Daboczy, CEO of Technicorum Holdings, will use his marketing and crowdfunding expertise to connect businesspeople and investors as well as help project manage solution and IDO development. David Bonnier and Amaury de Poret will provide market expertise and access to a diverse portfolio of marijuana-related market opportunities. A number of other cannabis, finance, and blockchain experts have also joined the team as investors or advisers. Daniel Daboczy commented:

“The European cannabis market has fallen far behind North America, which has demonstrated how cannabis tax revenues and profits can create more opportunity. TheCanCoin is not only a chance to catch up, but truly maximize the opportunity in Europe while ensuring a secure and serious approach to this fast growing industry and expected wave of legalization. We believe that the legal cannabis industry will benefit from its own industry currency paired with some of the best technology available. These tools will accelerate this fast growing industry even more. ”

Enexis AB co-founder David Bonnier added:

“With the global legal cannabis spending forecast expected to reach over $70 billion by 2025, we believe TheCanCoin can bring a significant amount of this profit share to the European market.”

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