The Ultimate Hip-Hop Collectible: Get Your Hands on ‘THE CROWN’ NFT by Barron Claiborne

Hey NFT Anon, this is your chance to own a piece of hip-hop history! Introducing “THE CROWN,” an exclusive digital collectible from the King of New York – KONY NFT Collection. The collection is created by visionary photographer Barron Claiborne.

The iconic crown, originally worn by The Notorious BIG in 1997, made headlines when it fetched a staggering $600,000 USD at Sotheby’s auction in 2020. This solidifies its position as the most renowned artifact in Hip-Hop history.

Now, you get to wear the authentic digital form of the iconic crown.

  • “THE CROWN” is an exclusive digital collectible from the King of New York – KONY NFT Collection, created by renowned photographer Barron Claiborne. The original crown worn by The Notorious BIG sold for $600,000, cementing its status as a legendary artifact in Hip-Hop history.
  • Owners of “THE CROWN” will have access to an augmented reality filter that allows them to engage with the piece and become part of the KONY legacy. The collectible is available for purchase on the dedicated website.
  • The KONY NFT Collection includes physical and digital NFTs, auction items, and exclusive works inspired by the 1997 KONY shoot. 5% of the proceeds will be donated to charity: water, highlighting Claiborne’s commitment to supporting fellow artists and individuals.

Heavy is the Head: Barron Claiborne’s Hip-Hop NFT Legacy

“THE CROWN” will be available as an Open Edition, granting owners access to a unique augmented reality filter that allows them to interact with the piece and become part of the KONY legacy. Moreover, the filter presents Claiborne’s iconic photograph of the original crown. It offers collectors a captivating glimpse into its history. Interested buyers can purchase the collection starting from Thursday, June 15th.

With this Open Edition, collectors will acquire a significant piece of Hip-Hop history. Priced at 0.03 ETH (approximately 55 USD), the collectible includes a 3D viewer for seamless display on any screen. The filter is complete with rotation functionality, edition details, and authentic signatures from both The Notorious BIG and Barron Claiborne, mirroring the original crown.

These exciting features are accessible to all collectors through an exclusive access code. By clicking the embedded NFT link, owners are directed to Instagram or Facebook. This is also where they directly use the filter to capture photos, create avatars or videos, and share them on various social media platforms, including TikTok.

The Inspiration Behind the Crown NFT

This venture is part of the upcoming KONY NFT Collection, a limited collection of six items inspired by the 1997 KONY shoot, comprising physical and digital NFTs, auction items, and exclusive works. Collaboratively developed with Keiyo Art, 5% of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to charity: water, emphasizing Barron Claiborne’s commitment to supporting fellow artists and individuals.

The digital crown is also accessible to all, as it owes its significance to the power of the people who shaped its image. As Barron Claiborne aptly states, “Be the beauty you wish to see.” Soon, fans and collectors will have the opportunity to own their very own KONY Crown. This is more than a collectible, it’s also a symbol synonymous with Hip-Hop culture.

the AR the crown NFT being worn by legendary photographer Barron Claiborne
Barron Claiborne Rocks The CROWN

Furthermore, holders are able to immerse themselves in a groundbreaking AR experience. It also fosters connections with the global communities that contribute to the crown’s legendary status. The magic of this artwork truly honors the enduring legacy of the late great Notorious B.I.G.

Long Live the King!

About Barron Claiborne

Barron Claiborne is a self-taught photographer based in New York. He is renown for his distinctive style and contributions to American culture. His large format photography captures iconic figures and moments. This includes the groundbreaking image “The King of New York (KONY)” featuring The Notorious BIG wearing a tilted crown.

The crown itself sold for $600,000 at Sotheby’s in 2020, solidifying its status as a revered music artifact. Claiborne’s work has appeared in esteemed publications like The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, and also Esquire. Barron is also on the Encyclopedia Britannica and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Moreover, he is also a double-nominee for the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for Magazine Photography.

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