Why People Are Buying Digital Lands in The Sandbox and Why You Should Too

The Sandbox is a decentralised, community-driven gaming ecosystem where designers and artists can create, share and monetise NFTs and gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain and is partnered with many industry giants, such as Square Enix and Atari. Its popular virtual real estates, known as LANDs, are taking over the NFT world.

What are LANDs?

A LAND is a digital piece of real-estate in The Sandbox’s metaverse, each one is a unique, non-fungible ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Amongst other things, these LANDs can be developed upon by their owners and monetised. For example, a game, diorama or an art gallery could be built on these LANDs, to give just three examples.

A group of adjacent LANDs could even be merged to form an ESTATE, providing the owner with an even larger area to develop upon. LANDs are a finite resource in The Sandbox’s metaverse, a total of 166,464 LANDs will be available.

Some LANDs on The Sandbox are owned by partners, such as Square Enix, Atari, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Binance, Smurfs, Deadmau5, and so on. The proximity of a LAND owner’s LAND to these major partners, and other key positions, will play a role in the gameplay, visitor counts, economy and visibility of the games built on those LANDs – and therefore also its monetisation potential.

What can you do with LAND in the Sandbox?

Owning LAND in The Sandbox opens up a door of many opportunities to its owner.

The primary function of LANDs are to host and play experiences upon them, such as games, dioramas, galleries, social hubs and so on, which can be monetised by the owner as a source of income. They can also be used to host contests and events. These experiences can be created using The Sandbox’s Game Maker software.

$SAND, which is The Sandbox’s utility token, can also be staked upon any LAND you own. In doing so, you will earn yourself some exciting rewards. This includes highly coveted GEM tokens, which are valued and sought by digital asset artists in The Sandbox.

Owning LAND will also give you a voice in the governance of The Sandbox metaverse. LAND owners and $SAND token holders will be the voice of The Sandbox and will be involved in determining and governing the future of the platform via a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO).

If you are not a strong developer – that’s okay too. You can hire designers and artists to collaborate upon your real estate with you and create amazing experiences together. Or, if you have no interest in experience development at all, you will be able to rent your LAND to designers to be able to develop experiences upon, generating you some passive income from holding your digital real estate.

Where can you get your slice of digital real estate on The Sandbox?

You can purchase LAND in any of The Sandbox’s upcoming public LAND sales. These sales will take place on the map of The Sandbox’s official website. You should join and follow The Sandbox’s official social media and community to keep an eye out for these sale announcements.

Alternatively, LAND can also be purchased or bidded for in auctions on the secondary market through OpenSea, which is the largest NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain.

Create an account on The Sandbox and get your first digital real estate – LAND – today!

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