Winners Network announces launch of rewards platform, brings users closer to blockchain

  • Unique incentive program brings several customer loyalty programs into a single networked ecosystem
  • Network enables yield farms, DeFi reward launchpads to intersect with non-blockchain projects
  • Gamers can earn, collect, and convert assets won in-game into the $WINS token

Winners Network, a blockchain ecosystem linking innovative point systems and traditional customer loyalty programs to a single value chain, has launched a rewards and loyalty platform to bridging the gap between blockchain and web-based consumer touchpoints.

The unique incentive program is aimed at bringing several customer loyalty programs into a single networked ecosystem. Sale of Winners’ token WINS and the platform launch will make it possible for the network to encourage participants across the gaming, rewards, blockchain, and merchant loyalty landscape.

Streamlining interaction across critical consumer touchpoints

The ecosystem’s Rewards Browser extension will generate an agnostic, seamless accrual experience, which will consolidate and streamline interactions across many crucial value-based touchpoints. Three of them are DeFi, e-commerce, and gaming.

The ecosystem and its browser extension will power cross-chain transfers of value and facilitate a seamless experience across the growing Web 3.0 ecosystem. They will also connect off-chain user activity to on-chain rewards and tracking protocols.

An incentive through loyalty points

Through e-commerce websites, buyers will be incentivized with rewards systems and loyalty points. The Winners Network’s browser plugin will make it possible for buyers to earn WN Gold Rewards points.

Allowing gamers to win and collect game-based assets

By providing an overarching, multi-ecosystem solution, the Winners Network browser extension will allow gamers to earn, collect, and convert assets won in-game into the $WINS token. The network and its token will be the first to enable yield farms, DeFi reward launchpads, and other such platforms to intersect with projects not based on the blockchain.  

Winners Network cofounder Walter Minhoto commented on the uniqueness of Winners ecosystem:          

The cryptocurrency industry has many reward programs and incentives, but these are generally closed off, walled gardens that are primarily designed to encourage participation within their own networks. There was no rewards program that worked across multiple environments. The only way for a modern loyalty and rewards ecosystem to actually work is for that structure to utilize crypto and to do so in an agnostic way. Winners Network will open up a world of options for consumers and offer them rewards for participating in a wide range of loyalty-based environments.

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